CPSL Announces Partnership with DreamTech⁵ to Offer Comprehensive Digital Solutions


CPSL is pleased to announce a partnership with technologies provider DreamTech⁵. This collaboration will further develop the range of services offered by CPSL, which constantly strives for innovation and to satisfy customer needs, whilst keeping pace with an ever-changing business world.

As an LSP, CPSL has already established its position in the global market by providing accurate and reliable localization services in several sectors, including multimedia and elearning, and as a provider of remote interpreting technology in the time of Covid-19. Now, CPSL will be able to add additional value in multilingual projects by implementing DreamTech⁵ services, including 3D for virtual and augmented reality, prototyping and modelling. The synergies between the two companies will allow them to offer a fully personalized product to customers, who will now be able to enjoy the benefits of an end-to-end solution, created on demand, and to offer their end users extraordinary immersive experiences.

With the implementation of these new services, CPSL takes a further step towards tech acceleration, in a world where remote has become the norm in all areas, and #EdTech -connected technologies – such as IoT, digital twins and holograms – are the latest and easiest way to streamline induction and learning processes.

CPSL will support HR, Marketing, Innovation and Engineering/Technical departments by offering solutions with high added value and designed to improve audio-visual content and multilingual training courses, which will boost companies productivity and shorten teams’ learning curves.

Tenesoya Pawlowsky, CEO at CPSL, commented: “We are thrilled to be partnering with DreamTech⁵, as we share the value of always trying to go the extra mile for our clients. By collaborating with DreamTech⁵ as a technical partner, we will lead the way in offering digital solutions that help companies train their teams and make them operative from anywhere, in a very short time, and by providing them with groundbreaking ways to further expand their business.”

About CPSL:

CPSL is a language services provider with more than 50 years of experience in advising clients on how best to manage their multilingual content and projects, whether such projects involve software or website localization, multimedia content localization, or interpreting services. The LSP is among a select number of language services providers that boasts four quality standards, including ISO9001, ISO17100, ISO13485­—for medical devices—and we have recently obtained the ISO27001, relating to information security management systems. CPSL was also involved in the development of ISO18587, the industry’s quality certification for post-editing in machine translation output, which was published in April 2017.

About DreamTech⁵ 

Dreamtech5 is a company specialising in the creation, design, and development of customised technological “visual solutions”, based on immersive and interactive technologies. The company is aimed at different sectors, mainly in the technical field, offering high value-added solutions.