CPSL Celebrates Its Diamond Anniversary And Is Still Going Strong!

CPSL Celebrates 60 Years

Tenesoya Pawlowsky, CEO of CPSL: “Professionalizing a family business means knowing how to make more objective decisions, thinking about the customer and the service but, without losing our essence, the human touch

Barcelona, October 2023.- Headquartered in Barcelona, the Spanish LSP started as a small family business and has grown into one of the most successful and leading language services providers worldwide. When CPSL was founded in Barcelona in 1963 by Helga Pawlowsky, grandmother of the current CEO, Tenesoya Pawlowsky, her main objective was to provide quality translations for Spanish companies that increasingly needed to communicate with the rest of the world.

The founder’s pioneering spirit has been kept alive ever since, and it has helped to make us who we are today. With offices on both sides of the Atlantic, we are a renowned company that offers global bespoke linguistic solutions to help companies communicate in any language and culture, thereby opening up new international markets. And all delivered with our special human touch ingredient.

In this interview, Tenesoya recalls some of the most important milestones in the history of CPSL, from its international expansion to the development of innovative automated solutions that allow them to satisfy the changing needs of their customers.

Tenesoya Pawlowsky, CEO of CPSL“In our quest for evolving, growing, and adapting to our customers’ needs, we are proud to follow this path that our founder paved for us. For us, the customer is not a number… For CPSL every single project and client is our ‘number 1 customer”.

See the full interview here: https://youtu.be/q7Z6YNJ8vBI