CPSL: Ensuring Information Security


The Barcelona-based language services provider has successfully incorporated the international standard  ISO 27001 into its Integrated Management System

Barcelona, May 2019 – Language services provider CPSL continues its firm commitment to quality and delivering added value to its customers. In March, the company gained its fourth certification, ISO 27001, an international standard that specifies how to manage information security within a business. Gaining this additional ISO certification reinforces CPSL’s commitment to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, and to the continuous development of company employees and equipment.   

The loss of information, modification of the same, leaking or unauthorised disclosure, can pose a serious risk to a business, and can even have financial repercussions or damage its corporate image. That’s because information is a valuable asset to any company and one that requires appropriate control measures.

ISO 27001 certification provides assurance that CPSL has the necessary tools in place to identify and evaluate risks, and apply any controls required to protect information, whether it be the company’s own or that of its clients. This new certification guarantees that the company has adopted working procedures to safeguard information, in both technical and broader terms.

Benito Señorís, CISO (Chief Information Security Officer): “What we have in fact done is to merge our ISO 9001 Quality Management standard and ISO 27001, to produce an Integrated Management System: Quality and Security. This makes us more competitive in the market, building trust with our customers and partners.”

And not only does this Integrated Management System enable CPSL to take further steps to ensure information security, but it also sheds further light on process management, HR management, legal safeguards and physical protection.

According to Señorís, “it is impossible to have zero security risks. The important thing is to have in place protocols and actions for controlling them. There are three key factors that must be safeguarded when it comes to data: integrity, knowing that no uncontrolled modifications have been made; availability, that data is always available when needed; and confidentiality to ensure that only authorised persons can gain access to data. If there is one thing we have learned from this intense year of work and audits, it is that we know what the risks to our information are and that we are capable of defining what is the best way to resolve them”, he concludes.

For her part, Pilar Jiménez, HR & Quality Director: “With the quality certifications, we ensure that our services meet our customers’ expectations. CPSL is committed to continuous improvement, which is why we are working on an Integrated Management System that forms part of ISO 27001 certification, to ensure that we apply best practices in security in order to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity, availability and legality of all the information we manage. We want to continue being industry leaders in quality for our customers.”


About CPSL: CPSL is a group of private companies that has been operating in the language services sector since 1963. The group is made up of Barcelona-based Celer Pawlowsky S.L., which is the parent company, CPSL Documentation & Tools in Ludwigsburg, which operates in the Stuttgart area in Germany, and CPSL USA Corporation, located in Boston in the United States.

CPSL is a language services provider with more than 50 years of experience in advising clients on how best to manage their multilingual content and projects, whether such projects involve software or website localisation, multimedia content localisation, or interpreting services. Quality is part of the DNA of the company, which continues to gain new certifications. To date, CPSL has obtained certification for three ISO quality standards: ISO 9001 (standard for quality management systems), ISO 17100 (international quality standard specific to translation services) and ISO 13485 (standard for medical devices and related services) and ISO 27001 (standard for information security).

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For further information, please contact Marketing and Communications: Raquel Gimeno marketing@cpsl.com

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