CPSL Opts for Outside the Box Solutions for Multilingual Events with Interpreting Requirements


In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the LSP is strengthening its remote interpreting technology solutions to help customers continue holding international events and business meetings as planned, overcoming mobility restrictions

We are living in difficult times, with the world facing a completely new and unprecedented challenge. The Coronavirus outbreak is affecting companies, forcing them to cancel or postpone scheduled business meetings, international events, and global congresses. CPSL Language Services is determined to provide concrete support to its customers. To that end, the Barcelona-based language services provider is currently recommending the use of alternative solutions, such as RIT (Remote Interpreting Technology), for international and multilingual events and meetings, for which interpreting services are required, and which would normally involve travel. This technology allows companies to hold events and business meetings as planned, without the need to cancel them or suffer the consequences of travel restrictions. 

CPSL is committed to using cutting-edge technology, and has successfully provided its customers with an innovative system of simultaneous interpreting, based on remote audio and video communication via the Internet, which offers an efficient and flexible service. This service is not only a practical solution during the current health crisis, which has seen confinement measures implemented around the world, but also for other unforeseen circumstances where travel and logistics can be an issue, or when there is simply a need to cut costs.

At the moment, not only is the Remote Interpreting Technology platform used for interpreting purposes, but also to produce virtual events and dynamic meetings. The platform can even simulate a TV show by enabling additional features and customize the presentations with the client’s corporate image, logos and informative news tickers, etc. The platform can hold meetings and small events from 1000 active participants to up to 10.000 listeners and 14 language combinations. The interpreters are located in one of our central hubs where we have ISO standard interpreting equipment, or at home, -if it is necessary due to special circumstances – so they do not need to travel to the meeting venue

Participants can use this ‘all-in-one’ CPSL-RIT solution, which has a video conferencing facility with the interpreting system integrated or alternatively, if the client prefers to use their own video conference system, the interpretation can be followed through the interpreting app; the participants only need to download the app to their mobile phones and select the language of their choice. The app is available to download for free for devices and has been designed with the user experience in mind.

Muntsa Cuchí, Global Sales Director: “CPSL’s remote method offers great advantages, without compromising on quality, and provides an excellent user experience. In addition to that, given that there’s no need to transport and set up technical equipment, and remote working can help save on travel and accommodation for interpreters, it also means that we can help make the event more cost-effective.” 

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