Creative AI Founded to Solve Crowd Management Issues with Data for AI Services

Creative AI, Data Collection, Annotation, and Validation

Creative Words’ CEO Diego Cresceri announced the founding of a new company focused on offering data collection, annotation, and validation services. 

Creative Words, a localization company based in Genoa, Italy, has been offering data services since it was founded in 2016, including collecting text, audio and video data used by big corporations to train their ML systems, be it chatbots, call centers, or voice recognition systems. 

“In order to deliver data for AI services successfully you need access to a vast crowd of contributors. For us, this has never been an issue, considering our active role in the industry, particularly on the supply chain side”, says Diego Cresceri, CEO of Creative Words. “It’s becoming more and more obvious, though, that to onboard, recruit and manage that crowd, a solid tech stack is needed, unless you want to spend an inconceivable amount of time on vendor management shrinking margins. This is basically why I envisioned Creative AI”. 

Registered as an innovative startup, the new company will leverage Creative Words’ access to a global network of contributors and clients in the language service industry, while working independently on developing cutting-edge technology to automate project lifecycle, crowd management and task allocation.

Diego Cresceri will serve as CEO, joined by Thomas Snella as CTO and Davide Ferrando as CFO, both partners in this new venture. Marta Bizzari, the last addition to the team, joined in the role of marketing manager.

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