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Crowdin announces the release of Crowdin Store – a marketplace of apps that help to personalize every team’s localization experience. With it, users can access the great selections of existing apps and create their own to use privately or bring them in front of a broad audience.

Right Apps for the Right Jobs

Browsing through Crowdin Store categories will help find the necessary tools or integrations that will extend Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise. The apps can be installed directly from the Crowdin user interface and are configured for each localization project separately. 

New Integrations 

Via Crowdin Apps, teams can now sync translatable content with the tools they use on every stage of their product development – from prototyping to marketing. The apps ensure integrations with Google Drive, HubSpot, Prismic, Typeform, DropBox, Contentful, Mailchimp, Sendgrid, Box, Citrix ShareFile, and more. 

Apps that Increase Translation Quality

On Crowdin Store, managers will find a bunch of custom QA checks developed by the community, as well as apps that help to monitor the quality of translations. For example, the Linguistic Quality Assurance app that allows measuring quality via the TAUS DQF-MQM and LISA QA models.

Apps for Efficient Project Management

Crowdin apps help to customize the platforms and organize localization projects more efficiently. For instance, with the Segmentation Rules Generator app, managers can change the segmentation of some strings or create segmentation rules for bigger projects. With the File Convert & OCR app, they can upload custom file formats to their localization projects.

Apps that Improve Work Environment for Translators

Crowdin Apps allow users to add features to the Crowdin Editor, a place where the translation takes place. For example, the Video Preview app enables a preview for videos when translating subtitles. The Unicode Table app makes all the Unicode characters quickly accessible.

There are also apps that help to quickly generate localization resources like Translation Memories and Glossaries (Document Aligner, Simple Term Extractor), create and test custom scripts (Script Editor), and more. 

Building Tools That Improve Localization Workflows

Engineering teams now get all the freedom to ship custom integrations with the two Crowdin platforms and add features that simplify life for the localization teams. Apps can be created both for private and public use. 

Developers can use any of the preferred frameworks or programming languages. The apps are built with granular permissions and will access only the allowed data. Getting started is easy with the extensive documentation on apps for Crowdin and apps for Crowdin Enterprise.  

Crowdin tech support team, which is available 24/7, promises assistance on every step for the teams who both try to use or create the apps. The company also encourages to check out a case study with the team that already created an app and learn from their experience.

For More Information

The official release post on the Crowdin blog includes more details on the launch. Crowdin Store awaits localization teams that seek to customize their localization management solution and increase global presence for their businesses faster.


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