Crowdin Launches Apps for Live Chat Translation (Intercom, Kustomer, Helpscout, and 4 more)

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Crowdin is a localization software that helps teams and businesses speed up and automate the translation process. With Crowdin, localization agencies can keep the client’s content in one place and automate content updates to save time for developers and translators.

Businesses can help customers worldwide by offering a live chat in their language. That’s why Crowdin has launched apps for live chat translation. These apps will translate both the message from the customer and the response from the support agent. 

Managers configure this app in Crowdin, while translators simply need to download the  Crowdin Translation Companion plugin for Chrome or Firefox. You can translate messages from customers of any company and answer them by choosing the language you want to translate from and into. 

These apps will generate translations from a machine translation engine connected to your Crowdin account. Crowdin supports multiple MT engines out of the box, and you can connect custom MTs if needed.

With Crowdin, you can use the following apps to translate customer chats and emails:


After installing this app into the Crowdin Enterprise organization, the manager must set up the Machine Translation engine in Crowdin Enterprise. Crowdin Enterprise is compatible with Microsoft Translator, Google Translate, Yandex Translate, DeepL Translate, Amazon Translate, and other MT engines.

Invite your support team to join the Crowdin Enterprise organization. Your team won’t work in Crowdin, but to use the configured MT engine, they need a Crowdin Enterprise account.

Support agents must install a browser extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, login, and choose their native language. Any other languages they speak well enough, so translation suggestions won’t be needed.

The Benefits of a Multilingual Live Chat

To make people like your brand (and reduce churn).

Intercom’s research shows that 70% of users are more loyal to a company if they can get help in their native language. On the other hand, 29% of businesses say they’ve lost customers because they don’t offer support in more than one language.

To increases sales.

74% of people would buy from the same brand again if they could get help after selling in their language.

The best part is that most businesses have trouble setting up a multilingual live chat strategy that works. It is a big chance for businesses that can offer personal, practical support on a large scale.

About Crowdin

Crowdin is a cloud-based service that makes localization management easier for your team. It’s the best place to manage the client’s content in more than one language.

With Crowdin solutions for Zendesk, Help Scout, HubSpot, Intercom, Kustomer, Zoho and Freshdesk, you can offer a customer support team of any company to have accurate live chat translations up and running 24 hours.