Crowdin Launches New Services: Extend Your Localization Experience

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Crowdin announces two new services. Professional translation by Crowdin Language Services and a Virtual Localization Manager. Now customers can instantly order translations in Crowdin and ensure that all localization processes are under the control of a dedicated localization manager.

“We constantly work on making Crowdin the place where you can efficiently manage your entire localization workflow – from editing sources to hiring freelancers. With our new services, customers can order translations in a few clicks, so they can save time and focus on developing their product. At the same time, teams without  a full-time localization manager can hire a remote expert to manage the process instead of increasing the workload of their current team,” says Serhiy Dmytryshyn, CEO at Crowdin.

Crowdin Language Services 

Crowdin Language Services is an add-on that Crowdin customers can use to create translation tasks and get professional translations within a few days. This saves a lot of time, as once customers upload the files, they can see the translation cost and order translations right away.

The workflow of ordering translations within Crowdin is pretty straightforward:

  1. Upload your source files to Crowdin manually or using one of 120+ integrations. Source texts and translations can be automatically synced between the tool where you create or manage sources and Crowdin.
  2. Order translations from Crowdin Language Services right from the platform in a few clicks. Select the files needing translation, preview the translation cost, and place an order right away. This way, you’ll free up your time to focus on improving the product and coming up with new ideas.

The team of Crowdin Language Services can translate into over 100 languages, get started within a few days, keep up with the updates (new strings from your repo or another tool), and they are experts on Crowdin.

You can localize things like web or desktop software, games, apps, websites, landing pages, and more.

Virtual Localization Manager

Localization managers take care of multiple aspects, including uploading content, maintaining style guides and translation memories, QA testing, and syncing translations back.

Some organizations do not have a dedicated localization manager, so someone from the team might handle this job in addition to their main duties. However, the result is always better when everyone is doing what they are good at. Delegating the localization tasks to an experienced localization manager helps your product reach a wider audience and frees up your engineering and operations teams.

That’s why Crowdin offers you to hire a virtual localization manager to handle the role of your localization lead. A manager works remotely, has a flexible schedule depending on your demands, and coordinates all communication between project members.

The tasks of a Localization Manager include:

  • Creating and maintaining a Glossary.
  • Managing the Translation Memory.
  • Finding and communicating with translators.
  • Overseeing the quality and consistency of translations.
  • Ensuring context (screenshots management and in-context feature set up).
  • Setting up all the apps and integrations.

About Crowdin

Crowdin is a localization management software that helps introduce continuous localization to every team and department within a tech company. With more than 2M registered users, Crowdin has helped 100K+ localization projects go global. Trusted by companies like GitHub, OnePlus, GitLab, Buffer, Magento, Joomla, and Calendly.

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