DeepL and Rozetta Translate Now Fully Managed in Memsource

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Prague, Czech Republic: 3rd February 2022 – Memsource, the translation management system helping global companies translate efficiently, has expanded its list of fully managed engines by adding DeepL and Rozetta Translate. These engines are now available for a fixed flat fee for all subscribers to Memsource Translate, the platform’s machine translation management hub. 

These two engines join Amazon Translate, Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, and Tencent TranSmart as fully managed engines in Memsource. All fully managed engines are available as a part of the Memsource Translate Add-on, which provides unlimited MT for post-editing for a monthly flat rate. Engines can be enabled with a single click, eliminating the need to manually manage API keys, character totals, or payments. 

DeepL is one of the most popular engines currently used in Memsource. Since the launch of DeepL Translator in 2017, it has continued to develop its technology, adding different language pairs and enhancing output quality. In Memsource’s quarterly machine translation reports, DeepL frequently ranks as one of the best-performing engines across various language pairs and domains. In blind tests, where professional translators select the most accurate translation without knowing which company produced it, DeepL outperforms the competition by a factor of 3:1. 

“We are thrilled to further our mission to expand human possibility, overcome language barriers, and bring cultures closer together by providing our industry-leading machine translation to Memsource customers. DeepL customers regularly benefit from Memsource’s CAT capabilities, and we’re delighted to make this customer experience even more seamless by embedding our machine translation directly into Memsource,” says Céline Daley, Head of Revenue at DeepL. 

Rozetta Translate was exclusively developed for Memsource Translate by the Japanese-based Rozetta Corporation. This unique integration represents Rozetta’s first public release of a machine translation model outside the Japanese market. Rozetta Translate supports translations between Japanese and English across multiple independent domains, such as Legal, Medical, and ICT. The general model will be available at launch, but soon further models will be added and fully integrated with Memsource’s automatic domain detection. In the future, it will support Memsource Translate’s MT Glossaries feature. 

“Rozetta enjoys a very close relationship with Memsource. By working together on the integration of Rozetta Translate, we hope to not only make our technology more widely available outside of Japan but also significantly improve the quality of machine translation for Japanese language pairs in Memsource,” says Maro Watanabe, CEO of Rozetta Corporation 

These new engines can be leveraged individually or combined with any number of fully managed engines in Memsource Translate. Innovative AI-driven MT management features like MT Autoselect can recommend the best performing engine for any content type and language pair. 

“We are delighted to further develop our partnerships with key MT innovators like DeepL and Rozetta. Through these integrations, we will be able to significantly improve the quality of our MT services for all our customers,” says Jan Hofmeister, Product Manager at Memsource.

Subscribers to the Memsource Translate Add-on can immediately start using DeepL and Rozetta for their translations without a complicated setup. Existing subscribers can enable the engines at no additional cost. 

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About Memsource 

Memsource helps global companies translate efficiently. Ranked as the most viable Translation Management System by CSA Research in 2019, Memsource supports 500+ languages, 50+ file types, and 30+ machine translation engines. Memsource enables its customers to increase translation quality while reducing costs using its patented, state-of-the-art AI technology. With a team of over 120 people in offices across Europe, US and Japan, Memsource serves thousands of global customers, including leading brands such as Uber, Zendesk, Supercell, and Vistaprint. Further information is available at Follow Memsource on Twitter @Memsource. 

About DeepL 

DeepL develops AI products to expand human possibility, overcome language barriers, and bring cultures closer together. DeepL Translator, a machine translation system that, according to blind tests, achieves the best translation quality worldwide, was launched in 2017. So far, more than one billion people have used DeepL’s services. The DeepL team of over 230 employees is managed by founder and CEO Jaroslaw Kutylowski and is backed by world-renowned investors such as Benchmark and btov. 

About Rozetta 

As a MetaReal Group company, Rozetta Corporation leads machine translation in Japan. With the corporate mission of liberating people around the globe from linguistic barriers, the company offers a wide range of MT services, including the generic MT engine T-4OO, the custom MT engine T-3MT, the integrated MT/TMS solution Rozetta MEMSOURCE, and the conference voice translation tool ONYAKU. Over 5,000 businesses have implemented T-4OO to date. With its cutting-edge technologies and corporate mission, Rozetta is expanding its reach into the global market. Further information is available at