Slator Design Thinking is a 3-session, live interactive workshop that will transform the way your team works to overcome the problems they face and develop highly innovative solutions.

Limited to only 20 participants, who will learn to apply human-centered design thinking methods and tools to better engage clients and colleagues in their every-day work.

This course is ideal for teams of 4 to 5 people (individuals may also register) to learn and apply design thinking to frame and solve real problems together.

Led by Chris Elkin, Founder of Doodle Brands, this Workshop is ideal for:

  • Sales and client service managers and front-line teams
  • Operations directors, managers and team leaders
  • Production and project managers and teams
  • Corporate localization and vendor managers and teams
  • Small and medium LSP owners and large LSP business unit managers

This workshop will transform the way you work by introducing the key mindsets of innovators and Design Thinking methods to empower you and your team to innovate everywhere. Start learning how to conquer everyday challenges through Design Thinking Innovation.

What will you learn?

Through a dynamic mix of interactive presentations and activities, this online Workshop will teach you to apply a versatile design thinking discipline that:

  • Provides teams with repeatable ways to innovate and make things better together
  • Promotes productive collaboration across teams (remotely or in-person)
  • Helps uncover deeper customer insight to get closer to real problems
  • Guides and informs future solutions with team input, alignment and confidence

What will you get to do and take-away?

  • A senior design thinking instructor leading 3 consecutive weeks of learning sessions and assignments beginning February 24, 2021
  • Online, 2-hour live learning sessions using video conferencing and Mural to enable true workshop, visualization and collaboration
  • Deep participation and learning outcomes for teams of up to 4 or 5 motivated learners
  • Ways to focus on and overcome the real challenges that teams are facing in their work
  • Hands-on experience using the human-centered design methods
  • ‘Take-away’ materials to help keep learning and apply design thinking

Due to high demand, Design Thinking Workshop – February 2021 is now Sold Out.

To accommodate those didn’t manage to secure their seat on time, we have opened a waiting list for the next Design Thinking Workshop planned for May this year. As the workshop is limited to 20 seats, please register your interest here and you will be the first we contact before going public with the new workshop details.

Contact Deppy Nikolaidou in case of questions.

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