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Find the leading language localization technology services to help grow your business.

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Boostlingo Logo


Austin, Texas, United States

At Boostlingo we help organizations increase language access and improve global communication through innovative interpretation technology.
Localazy Logo


Brno, Jihomoravsky kraj, Czech Republic

There are over 4B people online behind language barriers. Speak their language with Localazy, your continuous localization service.
YTranslations Logo

YTranslations Ltd.

London, United Kingdom

YTranslations Ltd is a professional ISO 17100-certified translation services and technology provider for businesses around the world.
RWS Directory Listing

RWS Group

Chalfont St Peter, United Kingdom

RWS Group is a world-leading Language Services Provider, offering a complete range of end-to-end language, translation and localization services.

Brazilian Language Industry Association


BLISS is the first association of language companies in Brazil. BLISS’s goal is to establish and maintain a strong association, promote our industry both across the nation and worldwide, and strengthen our Brazilian market representation, increasing the number of member companies.
Skrivanek Logo

Skrivanek Group

Praha, Czech Republic

We translate and interpret in 80 languages covering 96 specializations, including over 200 language combinations. We are EN ISO-certified.
E4Net Logo


Seoul, Korea

The number one choice for Korean language services. E4NET is a top language service provider of Korea that offers total localization solutions with 25+ years of successful experience with countless global companies.
EC Innovations Logo

EC Innovations


EC Innovations is a leading language service provider based in APAC, operating with scalability, agility, and in-depth customer understanding.
Association of Translation Companies (ATC) Logo

Association of Translation Companies (ATC)

United Kingdom

The Association of Translation Companies (ATC) is a professional membership association representing over 200 language service companies in the UK and internationally.
Terra Localization Logo

Terra Localizations

Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Terra Localizations helps video game developers and publishers reach international markets by providing high-quality localization services.
translate plus logo

translate plus

London, United Kingdom

translate plus develops smart language solutions and technology to meet an organization's specific set of requirements in all business areas
PTW Family of Brands


Larkspur, California, United States

PTW is the leading localization services provider for the video
BeLazy provides project management automation and consultancy for language service providers



BeLazy provides project management automation and consultancy for language service providers, allowing them to raise translation profit margins
Korn Translations Brazilian Portuguese Language Service Provider

Korn Translations


The leading legal and financial LSP in South America. ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System in compliance with the Brazilian GDPR.

Slator Directory of Language Localization Services

Language localization services are vital to the companies launching their products and services into overseas markets. These
language translation providers offer the services necessary to succeed, from the translation of a company’s marketing
materials and corporate message, to subtitling advertisements of a company’s products and services, and localizing messages
to help companies avoid committing social and cultural errors that will damage their brand and sales.

The top translation companies also provide market intelligence that will give their clients crucial information about the
market they’re about to enter and provide them with data that will enable them to decide how to execute their market entry
plans. Slator’s Directory host the best LSPs. Read More

The importance of these language localization services cannot be underestimated. Launching a new product in an untested market
is both expensive and risky. If the product fails to sell from the outset, it’s a challenging situation to reverse that involves
more investment in marketing and advertising for a product that may never recover the initial losses it incurs.

Online Language Service Provider

A prudent company does everything it can to avoid a disastrous product launch. As the globalization of brand names is increasingly
an important factor in the growth of a company, online language service providers are a critical vendor relationship to develop.
As many companies going global and looking for a language translation provider are smaller companies, they may not have
the deep financial resources to weather a less than profitable launch into an unknown marketplace.

Small companies like these need online language service providers as an affordable way to guide their entry into a new market.
Slator has the articles and research that companies can buy from our website and use as resources to identify the best LSP
for them to tailor their product launch to fit their new target market.

Events and Conferences are Valuable

Slator also hosts the SlatorCon series of localization events and conferences, held several times a year in major cities around the world.
These conferences and expositions allow companies large and small to network and share experiences, engage the leading language
service providers, discuss which language technologies are best automating localization, and listen to presentations from
experienced leaders in the localization industry.

The attendees come away from SlatorCon events with actionable ideas on how they can change their growth strategy, who are their
ideal business partners and how best to improve their localization workflow and productivity.

Changing Business Landscape

The business tactic of expanding into global markets began way before the concept of the Internet. But the internet has sped up
globalization and digitization by its sheer penetration into every society in the world. As the business landscape is changing
due to the prevalence of the internet, new start up and small companies are suddenly becoming household brand names
because of a good business model and a well-produced website.

But for them to continue their growth into foreign markets, they must look to a language localization services provider to maintain
their momentum. Slator’s Directory is the resource to use to find the right LSP for you.

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