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Argos Multilingual

Boulder, USA - Krakow, Poland

Who We Are

Argos Multilingual provides global language solutions. With over 30 years of experience, we serve clients in the high-tech, life sciences, human resources, and financial industries. We make it easy for businesses to grow globally and connect with expert talent anywhere in the world. With production centers in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, we follow a strategy of building robust programs for continuous translation and localization. You can expect a long-term and transparent partnership, backed by innovative solutions around technology, AI & data, creative content, and quality assurance. 

Our focus is on “getting it right the first time.” Efficiency comes from not only reviewing the source content at the beginning, but also implementing review and control points at critical steps throughout the process. Our continuous improvement ethos is also driven by our KPI approach to business and built-in quality metrics.

We are a trusted partner to our clients, not simply a translation company. We take pride in understanding the unique requirements of the industries we serve, and we aim to be your partner of choice whether you need a simple process improvement or a comprehensive technology solution. Our goal is to help you do more with less and give you more time to grow your business.

Argos evolves along with technology and never tries to lock our clients into any single solution. We understand the importance of being able to work in a multivendor and multiplatform environment, and our development team is at the forefront of developments in the translation industry. Simply put, we are committed to giving you freedom of choice while providing the best possible technological solutions.

Who We Work For

Our translation and localization expertise extends to the following industries: 

  • Technology. Our technology department and our use of state-of-the-art technology, proprietary TMS systems, and the newest CAT tools means that we have the capacity to handle large and complex IT projects in all languages.

    We also provide multilingual, text, voice, and image data for leaders in NLP and ML. We work in a controlled data collection environment to produce clean data sets for testing and training.
  • Human Resources. We’ve helped companies of all sizes implement and maintain their multilingual HR systems, communicate with international employees, and adapt training material for their global workforce. Our translators know HR and are carefully selected according to a variety of requirements including in-country status and subject matter expertise.
  • Heavy machinery and construction. We’ve supported the world’s leading heavy machinery and construction manufacturers for years, adapting their technical documentation into multiple languages and offering high quality certified heavy machinery translations performed by qualified subject matter experts.