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BLEND’s Vision
Imagine a world with no cultural or language barriers in which companies and brands can grow globally, cross borders, and run multi-market marketing and operations seamlessly.

BLEND’s mission is to change the way brands expand globally while leveraging advanced AI-based technology and the expertise of local linguists from around the world.

Formerly known as OneHourTranslation, BLEND is born with the legacy of One Hour Translation – 13 years of expertise in the translation and localization industry. 

As our localization services coverage extends across all markets and verticals, we’re building the all-in-one localization services platform.

What we do

To thrive on a global level, one needs to become truly local. Hidden nuance, meaning, tradition, and subtext all differ from market to market and culture to culture. That’s what BLEND is all about.

BLEND translation helps brands localize their business offerings based on a unique understanding of local context, culture, and consumer behavior. We provide customers with a comprehensive  platform,  offering localization services such as content translation and transformation, global marketing, regulatory services, and more. 

BLEND is founded upon three core pillars: a strong global community of 25,000 linguists, powerful AI-driven Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, and premium customer service led by experienced localization managers. BLEND’s technology stack includes custom integrations with Google Cloud Translation, Amazon Translate, ModernMT, SYSTRAN, KantanMT, DeepLPro, and other neural machine translation (NMT) engines, as well as a wide selection of TMS integrations and customized API driven workflows.

We’re passionate about weaving global brands into local markets, enabling true multi-market inclusion, and empowering global growth.

BLEND is a privately held company, and we operate from our offices in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Kyiv, and Bucharest. 

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