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EC Innovations is a fast-growing, full-service Language Service Provider (LSP) with global offices across strategic locations in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Our mission is to simplify localization challenges across various industries with a strong focus on quality and customer success. We empower our global engagement by leveraging our process agility, cutting-edge technology, in-depth customer understanding, and expertise in regulated and technical contents.

Value points:

Agile processes for a global reach

  • 130+ languages part of a scalable and full service-mix
  • Customizable solutions, combining technology and human expertise
  • Global coordination and tailored project implementation

Proven expertise and quality

  • 25 years of in-depth knowledge in regulated and technical industries 
  • Expert project management and language resources
  • ISO certifications for quality, confidentiality, and security

Client-first mindset

  • Customer-driven solutions and long-term strategies
  • Responsive and dedicated teams
  • A trusted partner to grow with your business

Our Core Services Include:

  • Translation and Transcreation
  • Global Marketing – SEO Localization
  • Web and App Localization Solutions
  • Multimedia Localization
  • Independent Subject Matter Expert Review
  • Multi-lingual Desktop Publishing
  • Interpretation Services (Simultaneous / Consecutive)

Our Core Vertical Focus: