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Rennes - France - France

Address:227 rue de Châteaugiron
+33 2 30 96 04 42

Edvenn is a Continuing Education centre offering professional training in translation services and technical writing. The courses offered leave you with all the professional skills and qualifications you’ll need for each career option.

Edvenn Offers:

  • Highly qualified teachers with undisputed expertise
  • Teachers with guaranteed skillsets
  • Training available for beginners as well as specialized programmed designed to enhance success
  • The right mix of analysis, demonstration, and effective practice
  • Full support of our teaching, administrative and technical team from start to finish
  • An advanced university-level qualification

Our Commitments

Edvenn’s training programmes focus on:

  • Ease of employment
  • Developing skills and qualifications at any stage in life
  • Adapting to changes in employee requirements, technology and organizational methods

Edvenn works with you to prepare you for entry into the marketplace or helps you to specialize by developing and renewing your skills.


Edvenn offers truly professional training programmes covering all the skills you need to offer translation or writing services.
Flexibility and skill diversity are what you need to be employable.
Once a solid foundation has been formed, specializations of field, document type and professional environment are added.
Edvenn training programmes will not teach you a new language; foreign-language skills are prerequisites to admission.
The training programmes provide the technical, methodological, and strategic components, as well as an initial experience of “heavy-going” applications.
Edvenn offers university-level qualifications recognized by the European Union (Level 7).