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Groningen - Netherlands

Address:Hereweg 85b
+31 (0)50 584 40 10

Since 1997 Global textware provides translation services into Dutch and Flemish allowing our clients to successfully offer their products throughout international markets. Global textware is ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Technology and innovation
With our own IT department, we can effectively work with diverse formats and with enough internal – and if necessary external – expertise to meet every translation job. We deliver quality translations for our clients by optimizing the use of technology and innovation and using a skilled team of language experts.

Traditionally, there is a lot of expertise available within medical translations, technical translations and business to business translations, but also in various other fields, the translators of Global textware have profound knowledge to complete each translation job successful.

Skilled team of experts
Global textware has almost 30 full-time employees. All have a university education or an equivalent degree. Our people are language enthusiasts and are proud to provide top-quality texts.

A comment we often hear from our clients: it was a delight for us to work together. And this is thanks to our personal and friendly approach, relaxed and easy-going communication. At the same time, we are driven, professional and disciplined when it comes to translation.

We take a local roots, global approach.