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Vilnius - Lithuania

Address:Antakalnio g. 17, LT-10312
+ 1 831 777 4441 (US) and + 44 1644 717778 (EU)

Leading remote solutions platform that has been used to interpret and stream over 24,000 events since its launch in 2014. Interactio combines remote simultaneous interpretation and a remote participant system, connecting up to 2,000 participants in a virtual room with an unlimited number of languages.

✨Our vision✨

We believe that every person should be able to converse in their preferred language.

Seeing how language can change perception in united congregation communities, we set on a journey to destroy language barriers in business meetings, governmental sessions, and conferences. 

Our mission is to build bridges to limitless knowledge.  

➡️ How it works?

You decide to use Interactio’s all-in-one multilingual remote participant platform and we connect all your participants, interpreters, moderators, and AV specialists in one tool.

➡️ Interactio offers three setups: 

  1. App (interpretation in your mobile phone).
  2. Restreaming (compatibility with other video conferencing platforms). Host a meeting on any video conferencing platform, like Zoom, MS Teams, Webex, and receive high-quality interpretation services with Interactio.
  3. Full solution (video-meeting platform).

➡️ We offer:

  1. Certified interpreters in any language (even the rarest ones!)
  2. An unlimited number of languages per event
  3. Dedicated technical monitoring during the event (You won’t need to worry about technical issues)
  4. Dedicated project management
  5. Event statistics (or streaming analytics)
  6. Customized technical training for interpreters, technicians, and/or participants/speakers
  7. 24/7 online support via chat and email
  8. Direct hardware integration with interpretation equipment
  9. High scalability: thousands of participants in 1 virtual room
  10. High security standards: we’re ISO-certified (ISO 27001)
  11. Customized technical solution for any setup: on-site, remote and hybrid
  12. Call-in function
remote simultaneous interpretation platform Interactio

➡️ Our most-valued features:

Best participant experience:

  1. You can see the entire list of attendees who participate in the meeting.
  2. Select gallery view or pin an active speaker/participant of your choice. 
  3. You can send a message to any attendee of the meeting.
  4. You can keep hearing the interpretation in your native language while speaking.

Best Moderator experience:

  1. Control the flow of the meeting by renaming participants, lowering all hands, muting/unmuting attendees, and ending the meeting.
  2. You can remain silent or be an active participant. 
  3. Keep the conversation going in private chat messages with the participants. Take questions and answer them live or via chat at your own pace.
  4. Access exclusive statistics and polls live.

Best Event organizer experience:

  1. You can  invite a guest moderator. From any organization, any time. You can do it all from the organizer’s panel.
  2. Use SAML authentication for extra security. Invite individual participants to join the meeting while adding an extra layer of security.
  3. Allow up to 16 participants to be visible on the screen. All you need to do is add 1 audio and 1 video channel.
  4. Choose a meeting mode you want. 

➡️ Want to know how we work?

Download our app and try Interactio by entering the event code “DEMO”

For android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.interactio

For iOS: https://apps.apple.com/app/interactio/id966488446