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What makes LEXIKA the first choice among Central and Eastern European translation agencies?

Over 25 years of experience have established Lexika as the leading translation and interpreting company in Central and Eastern European languages in the region. Our strict quality control systems and wide scope of services are backed by highly qualified and carefully vetted linguists who are native speakers of the target language and subject to requirements even stricter than the ISO 17100 standard.

Lexika translation agency maintains efficient project account management teams in two separate locations in Slovakia. Throughout the region, our 1.500 carefully vetted specialists, such as linguists, copywriters, subject matter experts, graphic designers and other professionals, are prepared to provide a wide range of linguistic services.

We promise to take care of your translation and linguistic needs so you can focus on your own objectives.

Fields of Specialisation

Life Sciences and Medical Devices

We take great care in crafting user-friendly medical and diagnostic equipment documentation that also maintains clarity, accuracy and compliance with legislative requirements in the target country. Medical translations and localisation are some of the most important content that we deliver for our clients.

Technical Documentation

Lexika’s experience with technical translations is founded upon our production of multi-lingual booklets, manuals, guides and other technical documents for the engineering, construction, energy and information technology fields.

Financial and Legal Translations

Financial translations represent much of the content we deliver to corporate clients, who range from independent accountants and finance managers to multinational investment companies and auditors.

Lexika’s most sought after specializations in legal translations are intellectual properties and commercial and labour law. In this field, the commonly translated content types are contracts, litigations, merger and acquisition documentation and patents.

Services Offered

Translation and Localization

We proudly translate business and corporate affairs, as well as legal, financial and technical documentation prepared by professional translators with years of experience in specific fields. Our services are delivered according to the ISO 17100 standard, or as per your needs. Lexika is ready to become your partner in the localisation of websites, software and applications for your Central and Eastern European projects.

Certified Translations

Our certified translations fit best when document translation is required for legal purposes, authorities or other public administration institutions, schools etc. Dealing with the different requirements and regulations related to certified translations in individual countries can quickly become tedious and costly. Lexika’s experience will ease your administrative burden when submitting officially acceptable documents throughout the EU.

Interpreting Services

While many of your stakeholders may be fluent in foreign languages, having an on-site or remote professional interpreter at hand can really pay off when the risks are high. Lexika provides professional interpreting services for both large conference events, as well as small business meetings, audits etc.

Reach out to us and get your company established with professional translations to every world language.