LinguaSol Private Limited

Pune - India

Address:4F Galore Tech Park Bavdhan
+91-8767904236 (mobile & whatsapp), +91-20-229538848

LinguaSol is a LangTech product firm and offers its patented reverse proxy solution “Linguify” that can localize the UI of any website or enterprise software product (desktop, client-server, web, SaaS, hybrid mobile application) without modifying the underlying source code or contents in just 6-8 weeks. 

The scraping of contents and real-time switching of languages is the patented technology while the translation itself is human (not machine translation) and hence the quality is assured. 

LinguaSol, website localization solution

Solution key points:

  • Completely external: No change required in source code or database
  • Complete translation: fixed text, dynamic text, data, images, links, formats
  • Translate data on UI & Print/Reports without database localization (Patented)
  • No pre-requisites (like i18n), use with practically any software & supports any language
  • Independent of OS & software version, works across composite apps
  • Completely non-disruptive with no stoppage of services during rollout or implementation & practically no effort required by application owner 
  • Serve Multiple target languages from base English deployment (even with ANSI)
  • Solution for every requirement
    • For Enterprise Software (SAP, Oracle, Core Banking): Linguify Desktop & Plugin 
    • For Web Applications and Websites and hybrid mobile applications (Internet Banking, Portals): Linguify Cloud 
    • Includes Linguify Report & LingaMT for on-line printing, PDF, SMS & email translation

Key differentiators 

  • Consistent localization across products / deployments / framework
  • Translate practically any Enterprise or Web Application
  • Translation of “As-required” screens and reports (no need to “do all”)
  • Master data localization without additional language tables
  • Second (or thereon) language support from single language tables
  • Phonetic Engine for Proper-noun data translation (person/place name)
  • Bidirectional (Patented) & Unidirectional Phonetic Engines
  • Translation across standard & custom screens & reports
  • Language support across versions of SAP/Oracle/Dynamics products
  • Customer specific translations with quick modification cycle
  • Language solution across applications (SAP/Oracle or any 3rd party)
  • Print & PDF support for complex scripts (Arabic, Indic, Thai)
  • Better translation quality & faster deployment with “in-context” Translation Editor
  • Covers initial implementation as well as later change management on a weekly monthly level as a service thereby assuring clients of change management and updated portals  
  • Non competitive and partnership based approach

Linguify clients include – 

  • 18+banks in India (for its core banking 3rd party software) 
  • Insurance firms & Public sector firms in India (for its ERP platforms for generating HR reports, salary slips, warehouse slips, invoices as well as other UI)
  • B2C firms like, (for website localization)
  • Enterprise product firms like SAP-Fujitsu-AutomationAnywhere (for new market entry)