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Let customer reviews speak for Localazy, your translation management software with a continuous localization team included as a service:

  • We are operating multiple complex websites with many localisations. Managing and keeping all dictionaries up-to-date was pure hell before we switched to Localazy. We can now easily review, manage and keep all dictionaries up-to-date whenever we add or modify any functionality.
  • Localazy has improved our translation workflow by a great margin. We solve all of our translation needs in all apps and services using localazy now and are very happy with it. They have many integrations and good docs, and when things go awry the support team is quick to respond.
  • Localazy is not the first localization tool we’ve tried; it is the best one, though. We initially migrated to Localazy because of their efficient, performant Web UI. Other similar sites were notoriously slow to use.
  • Localazy’s CLI (command-line interface) is another significant factor that keeps us on the platform: We’ve been able to script it to integrate Localazy cleanly into our development practices.
  • I like that we can send localazy projects to non-technical people and let them translate our application without deep knowledge of the technology. The editor is very user-friendly, and I have the option to approve the translations. It helps us to keep track of what’s translated and what’s not.
  • The product itself is great, and the team behind it is just fantastic. Always fast to respond to any questions competently and politely. I haven’t experienced such a level of support with any other tool or platform.
  • ShareTM is a brilliant feature. It makes translating single words so much easier, especially since Google Translate and other machine translation services struggle a lot to translate single words without context.