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LocHub helps organizations increase the effectiveness and ROI of their localization processes. Our newest solution QA Insights is the industry’s first QA localization solution for multilingual content publishing processes. QA Insights is an AI-powered localization tool that provides globalization insights to help enterprise marketing professionals and Language Service Providers optimize multilingual websites, improve SEO and boost localization ROI.

Over 80% of global web properties with more than 10,000 pages and 5+ localized websites generate 200 new errors each week, including mixed language webpage content, translation inconsistencies and other localization errors. QA Insights helps solve these problems by providing the critical steps which are often missing in global content publishing workflows: quality assurance testing of multilingual digital content before publication and continuous monitoring of the quality and consistency of global web properties. QA Insights is CMS vendor-independent and requires no integration, working seamlessly with virtually any marketing technology stack.

LocHub is an innovative marketing technology provider of localization solutions, including QA Insights, LocHub Orchestrate for multilingual content management and CMS integration, and LocHub Translation Marketplace. LocHub is a sister company and spin-off from Xillio, an industry leader providing web and enterprise content migration solutions for 17 years to enterprises and agencies the globe. Xillio is a Microsoft Charter Member and Project Cortex Launch Partner.