memoQ Translation Technologies

Budapest, Hungary
memoQ Translation Technologies

memoQ is the most comprehensive leading translation environment for individual translators, translation companies and translation buyer organizations all over the globe. With close to one hundred thousand users, memoQ‘s success is based on listening to the needs of the users: the system continuously evolves by adding features several times every year that are developed based on user needs and demands.

memoQ Support is proud to offer the friendliest customer service in the CAT industry and is available 24 hours weekdays from all over the world, with additional weekend services. memoQ translation solutions, among many others, include:

memoQ translator pro is a system designed by translators for individual translators. Main features include leading translation memory, term base and inventive and unique collaboration features. Read more about the software best suited for everybody with an aim to produce coherent, clean and timely translation jobs here.

memoQ project manager is designed to provide the best project management functionalities to run multilingual projects, package and market leading quality management, reporting functions and unique workflow automation. Read more about this intuitive translation management solution ideal for translators and organizations with management needs here.

memoQ server is the most advanced productivity tool for managing translation projects. It provides features such as a repository for translation resources, control center for collaborative, simultaneous translation operations, and more. Read more about this full-fledged translation system ideal for LSPs and enterprises with mission critical localization and translation needs here.

memoQ cloud server is created to provide cutting edge secure cloud-based translation management offering the sophistication of the memoQ server but with the flexibility of a pay-as- you-go service. This quick and powerful solution is ideal for teams and organizations where fast deployment and cost effectiveness is key in translation and localization management, read more about it here.

memoQ is much more than just a single tool for translation. It is the most intensively developing translation environment that provides more services than anybody in the market. From webtranslation features to content connectors, find out more on memoQ home.