Prague, Czech Republic

Memsource enables global companies to translate efficiently. Memsource is the translation management system that supports 400+ languages, 50+ file types, 25+ MT engines, and patented AI technology.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface you can easily start using the software from day one, while the advanced features enable you to translate faster, meet all your deadlines, optimize your budget and increase accuracy.

Memsource for enterprises
Localizing your content is key to penetrate new markets and expand your customer base. Without a suitable translation management tool, the localization process can be costly and time consuming.

With Memsource you will:

  • Reduce your budget by eliminating duplicate translation
  • Increase accuracy and work faster with translation memory
  • Forget copy-paste by feeding original files into Memsource
  • Work efficiently with multiple vendors
  • Track the progress with real-time reporting

Memsource for translation agencies
Delivering multiple projects within deadlines and ensure accuracy is key to remain competitive. At the same time you must ensure your margins increase.

With Memsource you will:

  • Track the progress of each project with real-time reporting
  • Beat your competitors by offering unique client-centered solutions
  • Boost your revenue with the post-editing analysis feature
  • Offer a free CAT tool to your linguists

Memsource for freelance translators
An intuitive software with powerful features is key to deliver accurate translations fast. An additional challenge is keeping your expenses down and continuously finding new clients.

With Memsource you will:

  • Work with an advanced CAT tool with a user-friendly interface completely free of charge
  • Have the flexibility to work online from multiple devices
  • Find new clients through the Job Board

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