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WHEN WE SAY we’ll get your business ready for going global

WE MEAN we’ll get your business ready for going global

At SeproTec Multilingual Solutions (SeproTec) we are supporting our clients throughout their international expansion process and tailor their communication strategies to different languages and to each one of their markets.

We are a leading company in the translation, localization and interpreting sector. The company was established in 1989 with the aim of covering the demand for multilingual services brought on by an increasingly globalized society with growing language needs.

What makes SeproTec the first choice for the global players when it comes to multilingual solutions? It is our vast experience (over 30 years providing effective multilingual solutions), our international scale (with a presence in 11 countries and global reach), the implementation of strict quality control systems, the scope of services we offer and the trust of our clients on the promise that we really mean exactly what we say. We were also one of the first translation companies to receive the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certifications for translation services, and the ISO 14001 certification for environmental management.

SeproTec has nearly 340 employees and over 7500 freelance collaborators, subject matter experts in their fields, within Dedicated Account Teams that provide 24/7 coverage for our clients’ multilingual needs wherever in the world they may be, with our one-stop-shop efficiency.

SeproTec’s Services in 500 language combinations

Translation and Localization
Document Translation | Intellectual Property Translation | Website Localization | Software Localization | Multimedia Localization | Certified, Sworn and Notarized Translation | Proofreading & Editing | Terminology Management | Machine Translation

Simultaneous Interpreting | Consecutive Interpreting | Whispered Interpreting | Phone Interpreting | Sign Language | Equipment Rental

Other Services
Transcreation | Transcription | Testing | Web Content Management | Subtitling | Dubbing | Validation Management | Desktop Publishing | Technical Writing

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