Milpitas, California, United States

Smartcat is a translation ecosystem that makes it easy for companies and talents to connect and collaborate.

Smartcat gives you all you need to translate with higher productivity and better quality. A whole stack of high-end technologies for translation (machine translation integration, translation memories, glossaries, dictionaries) are available within a single web interface. So you do not need to purchase, install or update special software — you can work from any computer, confident that all data is secure and completely under your control.

Thanks to sophisticated search, you can choose translators, editors and proofreaders from more than 110,000 trusted linguistic experts by language pair, subject area, price and rating.

Smartcat multi-user editor allows translators, editors and managers to work on the same project simultaneously. Collaborative work decreases time spent on projects, making it easier to stick to deadlines.

Smartcat makes smart use of automation where it’s most needed. An automated quality assurance system checks everything, from trivial spelling mistakes to terminology errors, reducing translation-related costs by up to 80%.

What is more important — there are no restraints on licenses or number of users in Smartcat for anyone. Freelance translators, translation agencies and corporate translation departments can enjoy unlimited use of the platform, no matter how many accounts you need or how big your projects are.

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