UTH International

Shanghai, China
UTH International

As a key provider of new multilingual information processing solutions in the era of big data, UTH International prides itself in its state-of-the-art core technologies and innovative business model.

Founded in 2012, UTH International has built a world-leading multilingual big data platform integrated with tens of billions of precision translation units, providing applications and solutions in the fields of cross-border e-commerce, higher education, aerospace and aviation, high-tech manufacturing, automotive, multimedia, tourism and hospitality, IT/software, and social media, among many others.

Relying on its unique advantages in the field of “Internet + language technology,” UTH International pioneered the bilingual search and sharing modeled uTransMall, the e-commerce modeled Sesame Search, and localization engineering technology services platform Sesame L10n Toolkit.

UTH International also developed leading products based on cross-language services, including Sesame Translate, Sesame Service, Sesame Lingo, and Sesame Publish.