Soleuvre, Luxembourg

Wordbee develops cloud based solutions to streamline translation processes since 2008. Our clients range from small to large corporations involved in the most diverse areas, to language service providers, whom we aid in making content multilingual. We do not provide language services per se but the infrastructure to make it happen. Thousands of users work with our solutions every day. We are unique in the market because we combine enterprise level translation management and computer assisted translation into one cloud product.

Translation makes or breaks globalization. In a fast growing world, companies expect translation to happen quickly and at low cost. However, the translation process itself is complex and involves project managers, software experts, translators, revisers and even the client’s staff. These teams collaborate closely and are often dispersed around the globe.

The classic approach of using desktop tools and email for communication cannot keep up with the fast pace, because too often resources and communication get dispersed and are very hard to keep track of. Instead, Wordbee Translator unites all these actors and permits efficient collaboration in a shared cloud platform. Real-time monitoring, chats, costing, QC, client interaction, feedback loops, online translation and proofreading tools are what we provide: all of this contributes to a world brought closer together.

Corporations sell their products and services in the Internet. Content management systems (CMS) are the infrastructure to build web sites or shops:   AEM, SiteCore, Drupal, Typo3, WordPress are only a few of the hundreds of solutions being used. Surprisingly, these systems are poorly connected with language service providers. Manual export & import or copy & paste are the means to exchange content and translation, slowing down globalization efforts.

Wordbee Beebox resolves this problem by linking CMSes directly into Wordbee Translator or any other TMS. It monitors and tracks new or changed content and kicks off translation workflows automatically or semi-automatically.

Seeing is believing: to experience our products in action, head over to our website and either start a trial or request a webinar!

Address: WORDBEE S.A., Soleuvre, Luxembourg

Website: www.wordbee.com