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YTranslations is a quality-driven boutique translation agency with a focus on exceptional and dedicated service centred around the client.

What sets Ytranslations apart is not only the high expertise of native linguists, but also the ‘human touch’ of the managers, where people are cared for just as much as language. 


Our team translates, edits, writes copy, localises websites, and transcribes in most languages, though our top languages are English and German, closely followed by French, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Italian, and Spanish. We have know-how of English US and UK, as well as Standard German, Swiss German and Austrian German.

Our language translation services span an array of different industries, such as marketing, legal and scientific translations, but technical translation is our main specialty. With a quality index of 98.82% and only ISO-certified translators, we put quality first and foremost. 

Technical Focus

Technical translations demand skill, and we have just the right linguist, whatever the type of technical translation you’re after! This might include:

Automotive | Engineering | Electronics | Mobile communications | Telecommunications | IT
Computer hardware and software | Tech marketing

However, our translation services are not restricted to the technical industry – we can assist with your requirements in all other kinds of industries too, as your one-stop service provider:

Advertising and marketing | Tourism and travel | Business and finance | Scientific and medical 

Our Process

No matter the type of translation, our process is tried-and-tested, consisting of:

Defining your project plan | Glossary development | Translation with CAT tools |Revision
Technology proofreading |Formatting (DTP) |Final check

Our Solutions

Translation | Proofreading and editing | Machine translation post-editing | Localisation
Quality assurance | Copy-writing | Transcription | Desktop publishing | TMS consultancy
Belbin certification consultancy

Alongside our translation and editing services, we are unique in offering TMS consultancy and moreover, the only translation company in the UK to provide accredited Belbin team roles consultancy. 

YTranslations is an industry-wide reputed translation agency with human-centred service and unparalleled quality. Working remotely across two continents hasn’t been able to dampen the devoted and highly specialised work that revolves around the client’s needs.


Text TypePrice per word (starting at)
General0.09 EUR/ 0.08 GBP
Legal & Technical0.10 EUR/ 0.09 GBP
Medical, Pharmaceutical and Patents0.11 EUR/ 0.10 GBP

At YTranslations, we pride ourselves in quick turnarounds, affordable prices and quality work, never compromising on humaneness – after all, what’s most important is the relationship between client and agency.

Let us know how we can help! We’re all ears. 

UK Office

+44 2032 395774
14A Mary Rose Mall
E6 5LX, London, United Kingdom
Company No.: 09573029
VAT Reg. No.: GB212025963

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