Diversity & Inclusion: Venga Sponsors Women in Localization

Venga Global Sponsors Women in Localization

San Francisco, California, USA, September 22, 2020. Venga Global, a global leader in translation, localization and data transformation services in 150+ languages, is excited to announce 2020-2021 Silver Sponsorship of Women in Localization (W.L.), the leading professional organization for women in the localization industry.

Venga supported W.L. through event sponsorships in previous years and this year is taking the next step of Silver Sponsorship to support diversity and inclusion initiatives.

“Diverse interaction and sharing different perspectives produce creativity and energy. By practicing active inclusion, you can harvest this energy for good. Without diversity, opinions merge, much like a color spectrum of one color – just grey. Only by gathering individuals from a wide range of demographic and philosophical differences can you create a diverse reality. This reality is worth protecting,” said Kåre Lindahl, CEO of Venga.

“We must value individuals and groups free from prejudice and gender equality is a must in the workplace. The work W.L. is doing to strengthen this work and train women new to localization through workshops and webinars is great. We all at Venga applaud and support this organization.”

Women in Localization’s sponsors support the organization’s core mission to promote professional development, mentoring, networking and career advancement.

“Women in Localization is delighted to have Venga Global on board as a strategic sponsor,” said Allison McDougall, Women in Localization Board Member – Sponsorships. “Now, more than ever in Women in Localization’s history, Venga Global’s support is critical as we capitalize on our momentum to promote inclusion, diversity, continuing education and mentorship, and opportunities for women in the globalization industry.”

Venga is looking forward to exploring opportunities to work with W.L. towards the goal of spreading diversity.

About Venga

As a global leader in translation, localization and creative services in over 150 languages, Venga partners with clients to help them communicate globally and drive their global ambitions.

With expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Venga builds custom programs for enterprise clients to provide human-assisted clean data collection, annotation and validation for machine learning. These programs are supported by an agile production team, innovative tools and technology, a specialized supply chain and an ISO-certified quality assurance team.

Venga is committed to continuous improvement and supporting our client’s accelerated growth and localization maturity.

To learn more about Venga visit their website at www.vengaglobal.com

About Women in Localization

Women in Localization (W.L.) was founded in 2008 by Silvia Avary-Silveira, Eva Klaudinyova and Anna N. Schlegel, and is the leading professional organization for women in the localization industry with over 5,000 members globally.

Its mission is to foster a global community for the advancement of women and the localization industry. It aims to provide an open, collaborative forum where women can share expertise and experience and help each other move forward in their careers.

Started in the San Francisco Bay Area, W.L. has expanded its membership to include women across the globe, encouraging members to meet in other local geographies.