Donnelley Language Solutions Releases Machine Translation White Paper

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NEW YORK, February 27, 2018

Donnelley Language Solutions today released a white paper on the Machine Translation Maturity Model (MTMM).

It’s aimed to provide a comprehensive view on what stages and outcomes the demand-side of the localization industry should expect.

Author and project manager at Donnelley Language Solutions, Valeria Cannavina, put the white paper together to guide the buyers’ decision-making process to help them emerge with the most relevant, useful, and resource-efficient product for them.

She explains: “Machine translation shouldn’t be a closed book. We believe it is so important that buyers are well informed and do not unwittingly make choices that would undermine their efforts to optimize their localization strategy.

“That is why we put together this essential resource which is perfect for anyone looking into language technology tools.”

One of the key take-aways for readers of the white paper is an understanding of how a company’s level of maturity in buying MT services and technology impacts the process.

Key insights will help customers align resources and people to succeed with MT and optimize their strategy over time. Properly aligning people and processes is especially critical for success and the white paper offers valuable advice for buyers and project managers seeking guidance in this area.

The white paper also explains how companies can avoid exposing themselves to the risk of leaking confidential data. This may be especially critical with sensitive employment, credit-related, medical, and financial data.

Christophe Djaouani, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Donnelley Language Solutions, added: “Data security is one of the top concerns among our customers and something we take very seriously. We ensure every measure from A to Z is in place to safeguard our customers’ confidential information.

“Leveraging our experience in this area, we provide readers with an extremely valuable insight to help alleviate this critical pain point.”

To get a free copy of Donnelley Language Solutions’ MTMM white paper, visit the website here

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