Donnelley Language Solutions Today Unveils Its New Website

Donnelley Language Solutions, dfsco

NEW YORK, March 20th, 2018 – Reflecting the company’s fresh approach to language services, Donnelley Languages Solutions today unveils its new website. It is the perfect go-to resource for information on multilingual communications.

The Donnelley Language Solutions team behind the development of the site wanted to create an inviting, attractive, and informative space.

Aiming to connect with customers on an emotional level, the site offers support to buyers who are navigating the often unfamiliar market of language services.

One of the main concepts that the team wanted to convey in the website’s design was diversity, reflecting the company’s customer base which covers more than 60 countries worldwide.

Sabina Jasinska, Global Marketing and Communications Director for Donnelley Language Solutions, said: “We want to lead the way by celebrating diversity. We deliberately chose images showing diversity of age, colour, race, and gender, to mirror the core value of Donnelley Language Solutions, which is to embrace our differences.”

“Our customers are tech-savvy and often work in global and multi-cultural businesses. I believe our new website does a great job of reflecting that spirit. We are so proud to be serving such a dynamic, connected, and digitally-savvy cross-section of the business world. Diversity really does enrich our every-day experiences.”

The site features information about Donnelley Language Solutions’ industry solutions tailored to solve the communication challenges facing customers in each major vertical being served – finance, legal, life sciences and corporate.

In addition, a special blog discusses the issues that matter most to customers, shining a light on developments in their industries and their impact on international communications.

The site is live in three languages: English, French, and Spanish for Latin America, with the Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, and Polish language versions set to follow soon.

Visit the site at