Donnelley Language Solutions Winners in the Best Employers in Localization Awards 2017

Donnelley Language Solutions, dfsco

NEW YORK, November 16, 2017 – Donnelley Language Solutions has been recognized as a top employer in Adaptive Globalization’s Best Employers in Localization Awards 2017, announced today.

Donnelley Financial Solutions was named as winner in the Career Progression and Employee Benefits categories and Runner-Up in the Employee Well-Being and Employee Retention categories.

Career progression and employee well-being are two of the qualities that are attracting and retaining Donnelley Language Solutions’ 350+ employees.

“Donnelley Language Solutions’ strong focus on employees’ development and career trajectories has been key to success in keeping them on board and enabling them to reach their full potential,” said Human Resources Director, Delphine Crouzillard.

She continued: “We are thrilled to have been recognized as a top employer in Adaptive Globalization’s Best Employers in Localization Awards 2017. Today’s best employers recognize that their people are discerning, career-minded people looking for the best long-term fit for their career progression.

“In fact progression and well-being are very much at the heart of Donnelley Language Solutions’ long-standing strategy to invest in our people. And this in turn contributes to a fantastic customer experience.”

Donnelley Language Solutions employees have the opportunity to take training to enhance their hard and soft skills. In addition they have regular internal training and refresher sessions on processes to enable the day-to-day work.

Employees are united by the same core values that guide our everyday actions: client first always, honesty, respect, teamwork, accountability, responsiveness and confidentiality.

All global offices provide a safe, secure, well-equipped and happy working environment for employees. At larger locations employee committees are running charitable initiatives in their local communities and organizing regular team-building activities, which has had a huge positive impact in helping employees get to know their colleagues.

A number of employees started out in junior positions and developed their competencies and career within the organization. Donnelley Language Solutions promotes career mobility through a geographical move or through a change of role (promotion or lateral move) within the same department or in a different one.

Donnelley Language Solutions works closely with Adaptive Globalization to tap into the pool of talented people who can fit our culture.


About Donnelley Language Solutions

Donnelley Language Solutions has grown organically to become a leading global Language Services Provider operating 24/7 across 4 continents, delivering a comprehensive localization service portfolio supporting Life Sciences, Finance, Institutional, Legal and Corporate Communications.

Our team’s mission is to translate, create, localize and harmonize multilingual content using proprietary and market-leading technology. Our clients benefit from tailored solutions, dedicated employees, expert linguists and our expertise in international markets. Our teams deliver translation services partnering with our worldwide clients along the entire translation cycle, achieving quality, accuracy, speed, innovation, transparency, security, automation and cost reduction benefits.