Dubbing Startup CAMB.AI Raises USD 4M in Seed Round

Dubbing Startup CAMB.AI Raises USD 4m in Seed Round

Speech translation, localization, and dubbing AI company, CAMB.AI, has raised USD 4m in a seed round from a variety of multinational investors. The funding was led by US venture capital firm Courtside Ventures and includes Singapore-based TRTL Ventures, US-based Blue Star Innovation Partners, Japan-based Ikemori Ventures, and Eisaburo Maeda.

The Dubai-based startup specializes in voice and emotion cloning and translation in over 100 languages, dialects, and accents, using artificial intelligence. The company’s platform leverages proprietary text-to-speech and translation models which also support low-resource languages.

According to CAMB.ai’s press release, the company can deliver “colloquial, contextual translations, zero-shot cross-lingual voice cloning, cross-lingual time sync, background score preservation, and more, at a fraction of the time and cost of others in the space.”

On the announcement of the funding round, CEO and Co-founder, Avneesh Prakash said, “this is a monumental day for CAMB.AI and we are excited to have an investor group that sees our vision and will help us grow.”

“We’ve already seen amazing adoption of our technology and we expect this funding to fast track further development and global expansion”, he added.

The startup’s client base includes sports and media and entertainment companies such as Tennis Australia, American Major League Soccer, and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment. In addition, the platform is used by media creators such as YouTube and TikTok influencers, who dub their content into multiple languages.

CAMB.AI’s technology was most recently used to provide AI multilingual dubbing and translation at the 2024 Australian Open. Machar Reid, Head of Innovation at Tennis Australia, said that “CAMB.AI has the potential to deepen our connection with [our global fans] in a way not previously thought possible.”

The company’s technology was also reportedly used in the “world’s first, fully AI-dubbed multilingual feature film”, Three, which debuted at the Red Sea Festival in Saudi Arabia in December 2023.