EasyTranslate Launches HumanAI: Revolutionising Translation with The Best Of Humans And AI

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Copenhagen, Denmark – June 27 2024 – EasyTranslate, an AI-powered language operations platform, has launched HumanAI, designed to transform the translation industry. 

The translation market has long been split into two segments: technology providers and service providers. This separation has created a gap, as there has not been a single solution that combines both. The rise of the LangOps Platform addresses this issue by integrating services and technology into one cohesive solution, eliminating the need for separate TMS and service providers. This innovation fills a crucial gap in the market, streamlining multilingual content management and service delivery in one cohesive solution – Language Operations Platform.

HumanAI combines advanced AI models with strategic human intervention to deliver unparalleled quality, speed and cost-effectiveness, making it a powerful tool for businesses looking to improve on-brand global communication.

HumanAI marks a significant shift in the language industry, offering a platform where AI and human expertise seamlessly collaborate for efficient translation processes. This market evolution allows us to leverage CRUD operations on the content corpus to improve the quality abilities of LLMs, enabling the use of synthetic data and the removal of legacy content. This enhances the multilingual content creation process holistically, moving beyond traditional project-based translation management, ultimately improving quality level and reducing costs and turnaround time. 

Our journey has been about realising this vision and developing tools such as HumanAI that empower anyone working with multilingual content, positioning us not as a competitor but as an invaluable add-on for both enterprises and Language Service Providers (LSPs)”, said Frederik R. Pedersen, CEO, EasyTranslate.

One of the first major customers to adopt HumanAI is MakesYouLocal, a company that specialises in helping e-commerce businesses succeed in new markets. MakesYouLocal assists online shops in launching and growing their international sales by providing localised customer service, marketing and translation solutions.

After a successful six-month proof of concept, MakesYouLocal has signed a two-year contract with EasyTranslate to integrate HumanAI into their operations.

EasyTranslate’ s HumanAI innovation has provided us with a competitive edge, offering our customers translations that combine AI’s efficiency with human quality. This new tool allows us to deliver consistent, on-brand translations faster, which has been a game-changer for our clients,” said Max Riis Christensen, CEO, MakesYouLocal.

HumanAI represents the culmination of years of research and development at EasyTranslate. The platform integrates custom AI with human expertise, optimising translation processes by involving humans only where it matters most. This approach eliminates extensive evaluations and significantly reduces costs.


A representative analysis of one million translated words over a year shows that traditional human translators typically make one mistake per 150 words, leading to a costly and time-consuming process. In contrast, HumanAI’s technology makes only one mistake per 1,000 words.

This new product is designed to cater to both enterprise customers and Language Service Providers (LSPs), enhancing service offerings, reducing cost and maintaining quality standards.

Key Features of HumanAI:

  • Exceptional Quality Assurance: With an accuracy rate of just one mistake per every 1,000 words, HumanAI surpasses traditional benchmarks and ensures unparalleled quality in every translation
  • Unrivalled Speed: Processing up to 25,000 words daily, HumanAI accelerates translation turnaround times by tenfold compared to traditional methods, enabling businesses to meet tight deadlines without sacrificing quality
  • On-Brand Content Across Languages: By harnessing AI models trained on customer assets, HumanAI maintains brand consistency and tone of voice across diverse linguistic landscapes, ensuring that each translation resonates with its intended audience
  • Cost Efficiency: HumanAI drives translation costs down by 90%, priced at a mere 0.01€ per translated word, making high-quality, on-brand translations accessible to businesses of all sizes

About EasyTranslate

EasyTranslate is an AI-powered language operations platform that revolutionises global communication through innovative translation and content creation services. By combining customised AI and strategic human editing, EasyTranslate delivers high-quality, on-brand content in any language at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional methods. EasyTranslate’s mission is to forever change translations by combining the best of AI and humans.

About MakesYouLocal

MakesYouLocal specialises in helping e-commerce businesses succeed in new markets by providing localised customer service, marketing, and translation solutions. Their team of local e-commerce experts supports online shops in launching and growing their international sales, ensuring a smooth and effective entry into new markets. By leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience, MakesYouLocal helps businesses adapt to local market conditions and customer expectations, driving growth and success.