EC Innovations and ECI Games Expand Services with Art, Voice Over, and User Acquisition

ECI Games Logo

EC Innovations’ (ECI) global expansion and investment into their games services continues to accelerate. ECI have provided global localization services to hundreds of publishers and developers over the last decade. In China, ECI are considered the leading games localization partner for global companies looking to reach the Chinese player base. To facilitate growth in both games and Western markets, ECI acquired Denmark’s Character Localization Aps in 2022, a leader in Nordic localization, and have since re-structured their games division, creating a dedicated subsidiary – ECI Games.

Through ECI, ECI Games has gone on to acquire Wanju, a boutique Chinese art studio specializing in art production services. ECI Games then developed recording studios in China and Denmark and created an exclusive partnership with Starship Media to provide Marketing and User Acquisition services.

Luke Greenaway, ECI Games’ Managing Director, said: “ECI Games was created to provide solutions for the challenges of the modern games industry, whilst leveraging the extensive delivery experience of ECI and our unique perspective and heritage in China. One of our goals at ECI Games was to make all our services accessible for developers of all sizes, as we’ve seen how smaller companies can struggle with singularly AAA-budget services. This is one of the reasons we build our services with every level of the industry in mind, with Audio, Localization, Art, and Marketing accessible and tailored to those on Indie, AA, and AAA budgets.”

ECI Games is focused on evolving the expectations of games companies. A thorough understanding of the player, developer, publisher relationship is integral when improving the dynamics of outsourced services. ECI Games already utilizes ECI’s industry-leading localization services and infrastructure in China to help global games companies. ECI Games’ three new services highlight the company’s intention to create innovative solutions for modern developers.

As of 2023, ECI Games is a trusted partner for 4 of the 5 global leading publishers and 24 of the 30 leading mobile publishers in China. ECI also hold a 99.1% CSAT recommendation rating, including reviews from hundreds of games developers and publishers.