Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists on March 11th is presented by Pavel Elin, experienced Linguist, Co-founder and CEO of Freelanguage LDA, Consultant and author.

Pavel’s mission is to share his knowledge and best practices with other freelance linguists and the community. 

The release of Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists Roadmap in 2020 is an important milestone in Pavel’s work on coaching and consulting independent language professionals.

In the Roadmap, he summarizes all he knows about email marketing in the field of translation and language services and provides an effective strategy to getting new customers using only emails.

Pavel Elin

Co-founder & CEO

Pavel’s LinkedIn

Pavel started his freelance linguist career in 2007, two years before finishing his studies at Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University and soon got his first Project Management job at a local agency. Two years later he created and managed SoftDrom’s (a software development company) localization department. In 2010 launched his first business in the field of translation and language services and, in 2011, he co-founded and became the CEO of Freelanguage LDA. Eight years later, he started working on the content for freelance linguists including posts, articles, interviews, videos, etc. In 2020 he launched four consulting products for independent language professionals which are available via his LinkedIn account.

The characteristic feature of his approach to sharing experience with freelance linguists is to provide answers to common questions from the point of view of a regular customer of language services. The same approach was used while developing the consulting products.


The fusion of his freelance experience and expertise in the field of management and administration of language services providers in different countries gained during his years of work, allows him to deliver valuable advice and practical recommendations that can be used anytime by any freelance linguist residing in any country.


Pavel’s coaching mission is to help linguists to get better results through a clearer understanding of their customers’ needs and expectations, avoiding time-consuming mistakes, and elaborating their personal effective strategy and approaches.

His belief is that to be a freelancer means to be an entrepreneur and being an entrepreneur by himself, he wants to share his best knowledge and practices with the community.

Andrew Smart Slator

Andrew Smart

Co-Founder & Commercial Director​


Andrew Smart is the Commercial Director at Slator responsible for product development and pricing, online ad and research sales, and event sponsorships.

Prior to co-founding Slator, Andrew has worked in the media, internet and finance industries including managing media businesses for Thomson Reuters, Fairfax Media and The Economist Group. He has an MBA in Finance and Investments from The George Washington University in Washington DC and has been based in Asia for over 25 years.

Register for Slator’s Email Marketing for Freelancers webinar for USD 40.00 on March 11th to learn how to approach and win more customers, get a digital copy of the Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists Roadmap, and the accompanying interactive Excel database template. 

Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists – March 2021 | $ 40

Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists – March 2021 | $ 40

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