Email Marketing for Freelancer Linguists brought to you by Slator, is presented on March 11th by Pavel Elin, Linguist, Co-founder and CEO of Freelanguage LDA, author of Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists Roadmap released in 2020, and creator of 4 consulting products for independent language professionals.

Pavel’s mission is to share his knowledge and best practices with other freelance linguists and the community. 

How much Pavel’s coachees have valued his Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists Roadmap:

What Pavel’s peers and coachees have said about his book and roadmap:

“This is a great tool that our colleague has created to help us all be more effective when we write to prospects. It is always useful to receive tips and suggestions by experienced colleagues. There is always something to learn. Pavel Elin, well done!”
Giacomo Collini, Freelance Translator and Interpreter

“Pavel Elin this Roadmap is first class stuff! 15+ years in the business and it is never too late to improve, also the non-linguistics skills required to keep it going. Too bad I did not get this when I started or even a year ago, to be in better shape to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. The Roadmap is clear, simple and yet comprehensive, providing hints to explore alternatives to keep the business under track. A must!”
Jairo Dorado Cadilla, Interpreter, Translator and Localization Professional

“Being involved for some time in email marketing, I was very happy to see Pavel’s post about his guide Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists. I instantly bought the guide, which is literally an invaluable and comprehensive step by step roadmap that educates and teaches freelance linguists all they need to know about effective email marketing practices. The guide draws an easy-to-follow roadmap to build your target clientele base, whether your goal is direct clients or LSPs. To reach this goal, Pavel discusses, in the seven sections of the guide, all the necessary details to find and retain your potential clients with effective and proven email marketing techniques. Thank you very much, Pavel Elin, for this precious guide.”
Noha Mostafa, Freelance Translator and Founder of Arabization & Translation Web

“Pavel, you did it again. I remember how amazed I was the day I received your email with this Roadmap guide and the interactive Excel file. Both the guide and the file contain essential information to succeed in your interaction with potential clients. There are almost 60 pages with detailed information about your goals, how to write emails with clear templates, how to do follow-ups, etc. That is everything you wanted to know about email marketing (sending emails to agencies or direct clients) and nobody told you. Don’t miss this opportunity to have it!”
Ana Sánchez Isidoro, Freelance Linguist, Content Creator, Copywriter

“This comprehensive and very well-conceived guide, which was delivered together with a user-friendly Excel spreadsheet, offers freelance linguists practical advice on how to effectively market their services by email. Readers will also find invaluable information on the dos and don’ts of email marketing. Pavel Elin’s excellent e-book is worth the investment. It has a firm place in my e-book library, and I am going to use it as a reference book during my future email marketing activities. Thank you, Pavel Elin, for this great roadmap!”
Sabine Sapp, Freelance Translator and Transcreator

“Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists: just what the doctor ordered. How many times did I ask myself the same questions: What am I doing wrong?, Why do I get no response? The internet is flooded with free tips on how to find new customers and start new fruitful collaborations. It all looks simple, until you try. You follow all the useful tips and recommendations, you send out your emails, polished to perfection, and ‘the rest is silence’. This leads to frustration and self-doubt, and not only if you are looking for your first job. This is why I purchased Pavel Elin’s Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists. I needed answers, I needed them fast, I needed them straight and precise. To be honest, I had my doubts, and I was ready to be disappointed and not to get any answers again, as it happened so many times in the past. Pavel’s book has surprised me in a most pleasant way. No beating about the bush, just straight to the point. It was useful to revise the basics (I also picked some new tips along the way), but the most important part for me was the roadmap: what to do after that first contact. While reading, I was making notes, and in the end, I had a list of clear ideas about what to do next. I had a plan.”
Alena Afanasyeva, Freelance Translator and Interpreter

Register for Slator’s Email Marketing for Freelancers webinar for USD 40.00 on March 11th to learn how to approach and win more customers, get a digital copy of the Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists Roadmap, and the accompanying interactive Excel database template. 

Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists – March 2021 | $ 40

Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists – March 2021 | $ 40

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