Learn how to effectively target, analyze and approach your prospect customers, stay in touch and close the sale at Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists on March 11th.

This exclusive workshop is presented by Pavel Elin, experienced Linguist, Co-founder and CEO of Freelanguage LDA, Consultant and author of the Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists Roadmap.

This Workshop is ideal for freelance linguists such as:

  • Translators
  • Interpreters
  • Transcreators
  • Copywriters
  • Other freelance translation and localization professionals

Why is Email Marketing critical to your success?

The top two challenges freelance linguists face are “low rates of pay” and “the difficulties of securing work“, according to a comprehensive survey of 1,510 linguists from 38 countries released in November, 2020.

To secure new work, it is essential to follow a proven process to identify new prospects, approach them effectively and close new business opportunities. Professional communication throughout the client project also results in more repeat work and defends higher rate structures.

Email is the central tool to this business development process and ongoing client communication.

What will you learn at the webinar?

The release of Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists Roadmap in 2020 is an important milestone in Pavel’s work on coaching and consulting independent language professionals. In this Roadmap, he summarizes all he knows about email marketing translation and language services and suggests an effective strategy to getting new customers using email.

Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists will demonstrate practical aspects of the approaches presented in the Roadmap, show how potential customers react to linguists’ offers, and explain what it means for freelance professionals. You will:

  • Pass through different stages of the marketing process applying principles and tactics provided in Effective Email Marketing.
  • Look at linguists’ proposals from the customers’ point of view, considering and analyzing elements influencing clients’ decisions to start working with new vendors.
  • Learn how to maintain your communication with the prospective customers after sending the first proposal, how to track replies and why this is important.
  • Create several gentle reminders and assess the effects of using this strategy.

The webinar is an example of applying the principles and methods in the Roadmap and every attendee will be able to use this example in their freelance business.

What will you get to take-away?

  • A How-To approach to get you prepared with your communication strategy and tactics when targeting new customers.
  • Principles, methods and approaches to help you find and target new clients, prepare your messages to them, analyze responses, stay connected, close the deal and win more customers.
  • A personal digital copy of the Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists Roadmap.
  • An interactive Excel database template, which accompanies the Roadmap for collecting potential client contacts and tracking results. The file is created without macros and scripts and can be used in any program compatible with Microsoft Excel formats. All interactive functions use only mathematical formulas and conditional formatting.

Register for Slator’s Email Marketing for Freelancers webinar for USD 40.00 on March 11th to learn how to approach and win more customers, get a digital copy of the Effective Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists Roadmap, and the accompanying interactive Excel database template. 

Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists – March 2021 | $ 40

Email Marketing for Freelance Linguists – March 2021 | $ 40

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Contact Deppy Nikolaidou with any questions or for additional information.

Do you already own Pavel’s Roadmap and want a refresh? Then email Deppy or Pavel for an adjusted ticket price.

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