End-to-End AI-Enabled Project Automation, in a Third of the Time at a Third of the Cost

Bureau Works End-to-End AI-Enabled Project Automation

You may be in the group of people in language services who are interested in increasing automation and have thought about doing it … some day soon. Or perhaps you are among those who have implemented a certain degree of automation through multiple applications and the necessary integrations, be it workflow, TMS or MT. These layers of “connected” automation likely represent high, recurrent hard costs for your business.

Whatever your situation, automation is a must in the quest for efficiency, competitiveness, and relevance, especially in the rapidly evolving era of AI-enabled MT and related processes. What if you could have an all-in-one cutting edge, fast, reliable, AI-enabled solution at the price of your streaming subscriptions? Bureau Works (BWX) is exactly that. Really.

Imagine a bite-size investment in automation that can have a buffet size return on every aspect of your business: triple your capabilities, your volume capacity, your ability to scale across new and existing verticals without having multiple apps. Imagine no more. The BWX platform has it all: lightning-fast project and account management, full AI and MT-supported translation workflows, quality assurance, and much more. 

Hundreds of companies, including Uber, Harley-Davidson, and Zendesk, as well as many language services providers and over 30,000 professional linguists already enjoy these and more BWX benefits. In the next few paragraphs we will tell you how every aspect of your language services business, large or small (even a business of one!) can be greatly enhanced and sped up with the BWX full-service dynamic platform.

Project Set Up in 1, 2, 3, Done!

Splitting a well-known process, like setting up a new project, is a sequence of tasks experienced project managers and linguists can do with their eyes closed. Whatever level of customization is done as part of the process correlates to end client and project specs, but little else would require any innovative thinking. So, why not simplify and shorten this highly predictable sequence?

Watch the short video below to see how easy and fast it is to set up a project with one or multiple language pairs in just a few minutes, no shortcuts, just better automation

BWX also makes it easy to go back and edit any aspects of a project, or outright cancel it. But you may be wondering how to get data into BWX in the first place so that project set up can be done in so little time. Well, that is easy and fast, too. In case you need to tap into our expertise, the BWX Customer Success team can help you get setup and running. 

Every business is unique, the way you set up your clients, your pricing, and other account details is not like everyone else’s. For that reason we offer what few do anymore: custom onboarding.

Once your data is in the BWX platform, you can enjoy all the productivity, returns, and satisfaction of a fully automated and reliable operation. Your clients will notice and will be impressed.

Welcome to Tactical Translation

One of the most recent developments in translation technology is the integration of AI with MT and human translation. Well, BWX has that. We call it our Generative Language Engine, because this AI goes beyond accelerating translation. Our integration with the ChatGPT large language model aids machine translation, translation memories, and terminology in the same process and task. In the same context. 

We have integrated AI in a way that can only be considered tactical and strategic. Oh, and mission critical: BWX’s mission is to reduce TTE (time-to-edit) and ED (edit-distance) so that you can do three times more in the same amount of time. It even validates your target equivalents when you want it to. On the same screen. No add-ons, no integrations, no interruptions. Goodbye mechanical tasks, hello automation! 

To get this magic working for you, after a project is set up (you uploaded your source and made a few simple and familiar choices: translation memory, machine translation engine, and term bases), and workflow (translation, review, DTP, QA, etc), you open the BWX editor to watch as it becomes an extension of your mind and hands.

To create a final translation worthy of your approval in a third of the time, as it spell checks for you and gives you the chance to add terms on the fly, you just let the AI assistant do its work.

You will know it is working because it will show you: the BWX Assistant will highlight things it believes you need to review. And when you are done, just confirm the segment, and move on. All this happens in less time than it took you to read this paragraph.

Happy with the translation you just completed in record time? Confirm and deliver. That’s it. Ready for the next step in the workflow, which will go even faster … You just have to try it and see what we mean.

Automation Wish List Comes True

You’d want to thrive in this era of AI for all, not to fall behind. If so, automation need no longer be a part of a wish list or something watched from a distance. It can become a reality in literally minutes with BWX. A process and translation and back office and AI assisted platform that goes beyond typical integrations to create a multipurpose intelligent system.

Whether you are a single language provider, a multilingual/multiservice agency, a private company with its own loc unit or a government agency, you do not need to fear any implementation repercussions or high costs.

Just count to three and get it done. Try BWX free of charge for 14 days and see for yourself how to grow efficiency and savings exponentially.