Establishment of “MT And PE Department” Eliminating All Human Translations

October 6, 2017 (Osaka, Japan)

MK Translation Firm, a company specializing in patent translation has established a “Machine Translation and Post-Editing Department”, eliminating all human translations and delivering translations by performing post-editing after machine translation. We will be utilizing a machine translation system and other various technologies to build a translation environment where machines and humans coexist. Considering recent developments in artificial intelligence and translation technology, the work efficiency will improve by focusing on the combination of machine translation and post-editing. By doing so, we believe that we can provide a better service to our customers. In addition, we will continue providing translation by human translation and proofreading.

Time Schedule

  • October 2017: Establishment of Machine Translation and Post-Editing Department.
  • In the same month of the same year, a part of our in-house translators will shift from being a translator to a post editor.
  • January 2019: Achieving 25% improvement in production efficiency by machine translation and post-editing.

According to our internal investigation, we have determined that the “Hybrid Translation”, utilizing neural machine translation, a cloud translation system, and a post editor can improve production efficiency by 20% or more compared to conventional translation. Although there are differences in accuracy depending on the language pair in current neural machine translation systems, it is believed that this problem will be resolved within a few years.

Although post-editor training was a big issue, we have successfully trained post-editors internally according to our original method. By 2019, well-trained post-editors will be engaging in the post-editing tasks.

A large amount of post-editing is still required in the current accuracy of machine translation, by devoting all of the job to post-editing, we anticipate that it is possible translate 25% faster and cheaper. In addition, during 2017 and 2018, we will begin post-editing from an English to Japanese language pair. Other language pairs will start sequentially.


MK Translation Firm
General Manager, Masa Kajiki (Mr.)
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About MK Translation Firm

Since its founding in 2006, the firm has translated numerous patent specifications in the field of electricity, chemistry, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical. In 2017, the firm started a so-called “Hybrid Translation” using a neural machine translation, a cloud translation system, and post-edit to boost the productivity. Firm’s founder CEO, Masa Kajiki, made public in a presentation titled “Neural Machine Translation and Patent Translation from LSP Perspective” (The 7th Workshop on Patent and Scientific Literature Translation (PSLT 2017), September 22, 2017, Nagoya, Japan) that the firm would become a post-edit only LSP in 2019.