7 Ways Not to Fail at International SEO

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Weglot DeepL International SEO event

7 Ways Not to Fail at International SEO


7 Ways not to fail at International SEO

You’ve put in a lot of hard work to make sure your current website ranks high on Google, and maybe you’re sitting comfortably on the top results (nice work).

But, what happens when your company expands and you’re now tasked with having to complete the whole process again, but, ranking in new languages and new countries? This is where international SEO comes in.

In this webinar, we’ll go over what is International SEO, where to start, how to avoid the main mistakes and also answer a touchy question: is it possible to use Machine Translation on localized pages?

To answer these topical questions, we are excited to be joined by Aleyda Solis, international SEO expert and creator of #SEOFOMO, one of the best SEO newsletters, and Mike Winters, Developer Marketing Manager at DeepL, one of the leading machine translation providers.


What you’ll get from this webinar:

🌎 A brief introduction to international SEO

✅ How to plan and start international SEO the right way

🔎 How does it work on the technical side?

🤔 Is Machine Translation an option when it comes to international SEO?

Time and Date: Thursday, November 3rd Starts at 4PM CET

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