From China to the World: Executive Roundtable on Global Marketing (Beijing)

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From China to the World: Executive Roundtable on Global Marketing (Beijing)

| Beijing, China

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Free (RSVP)



Slator 全球化营销专题高层研讨会

11 5 | 星期四 | 11:30 – 14:00 | 北京万豪酒店 |第六会议厅

2015 年,全球的营销支出将高达 5400 亿美金,其中1300 亿美金专用于综合在线广告,而在线广告支出中又有45%(合580 亿美金)用于品牌营销。随着越来越多的中国企业进军海外市场,高效的全球化营销策略将成为企业取得竞争优势、走向成功的关键因素。

本 次高层研讨会特别邀请了朗标公司的顾伟先生 (Kevin Gentle),作为这家源于中国的全球品牌咨询公司的数字策略总监,他将为我们讲述如何利用熟谙当地文化的团队开展全球化营销活动。本次会议将探讨如何 将技术方面的考量、营销信息沟通和跨界分析与语言翻译、适应和融入当地文化以及国际项目管理结合起来。届时,与会者可以:

  • 了解如何利用熟谙当地文化的团队开展国际品牌推广及营销
  • 探讨如何在不同市场中掌控品牌信息传递,议题涵盖从文化层面的本地化到法律事宜在内的所有影响因素
  • 了解现有的技术解决方案,例如营销自动化和翻译管理

立即免费注册,与业内高层一同探讨全球化营销的重大机遇。为确保与会者能够深入有效地互动交流,本次会议仅设15 个席位。

演讲者 |顾伟 (Kevin Gentle),朗标公司数字策略总监


组织者| Slator

Slator 是一家服务于语言行业的商业媒体公司。我们的平台包括Slator.com网站及各种专场活动,这些活动旨在推动行业关键决策者之间的重要对话。Slator 总部位于瑞士苏黎世,并在新加坡和马尼拉设有分部。

如果对“从中国走向世界:让企业走出国门”全球化营销专题高层研讨会有任何问题,敬请与 Slator 联系


Marketers will spend $540 billion globally on marketing in 2015 with $130 billion devoted to integrated online advertising. Branding dominates online advertising with 45% or $58 billion dollars. With more Chinese companies going overseas, effective global marketing is vital to compete and succeed.

Kevin Gentle, Digital Strategy Director of China-originated brand consultancy Lab Brand, will talk about implementing global campaigns with local proficiency in our executive roundtable. The roundtable will discuss how technical considerations, marketing message communication, and cross-border analytics can be aligned with language translation, cultural localization, and international project management, where participants can:

  • Learn how to execute international branding and marketing with local proficiency
  • Discuss brand messaging control across markets, taking into account everything from localization in a cultural perspective to legal considerations
  • Understand technological solutions that exist such as marketing automation and translation management

Register now for free and join senior industry executives to discuss the opportunities of global marketing. Attendance is strictly limited to 15 seats in order to allow maximum interaction.

About the Speaker | Kevin Gentle, Digital Strategy Director at Labbrand

Kevin is highly passionate about the Chinese digital scene. With a background in strategy and consumer insights, he created the Digital Strategy team with the objective of making technology work for brand innovation. He creates original digital journeys for clients from all industries.

Important note: Please note that this event is exclusively for senior executives in marketing and invited guests only. If you do not fit the criteria for this event, Slator reserves the right to refuse admittance.

Free (RSVP)

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