GPT in Localization: When the tide goes out…

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Intento - GPT in Localization

GPT in Localization: When the tide goes out…


After several months of experimenting with the latest generation of general pre-trained transformers (GPT) from companies like AI21, Anthropic, OpenAI, and others, it’s time for a progress check. On Tuesday, May 23rd, we’ll convene online with early adopters and GPT enthusiasts from the localization teams of Disney+, Expedia, GoTo, the Government of Canada, Şişecam, Trendyol and VMware to share our insights.

We’ll start with a quick overview of the GPT landscape done by Konstantin Savenkov and then launch into our first panel discussion, focused on real-world use cases and applications of GPT in localization. Our speakers will show how GPT helps to increase personal productivity, as well as share their experiences with very specific use cases, and the results achieved.

The second panel will focus on the process and potential challenges of implementing GPT. Our panelists will provide advice on how to get started and how to overcome any hurdles that might be encountered.  Don’t miss the chance to hear from industry experts and learn how pre-trained transformers can help you localize content.

Time and Date: May 23 at 11:30 AM ET


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