Grow Your Revenue Through Account Management and New Sales

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Grow Your Revenue Event with Andrzej Nedoma

Grow Your Revenue Through Account Management and New Sales


Join Andrzej Nedoma for GROW YOUR REVENUE through Account Management and New Sales

Designed for Translation and Localization Industry

4-Day Event, January 16-19.2023

Provide It For You And Your Account Management And Sales Teams, To Grow Your Revenue In 2023.
The key components of revenue in your organisation.

● The way to analyse your present clients and understand how you bring value to them, so that you could expand your cooperation and grow together.
● The way to discover upsell opportunities and strategies to promote them to your present clients, without feeling like it’s a hard sale.
● Define your best client types and shape your marketing messaging and offer accordingly, to maximise your conversion of leads to clients.
● Learn how to lead and manage the sales process efficiently, so that you never have to sell “on price” again and you generate high profit margins.
● Learn to define success metrics and KPIs to monitor your progress.
● Revenue planning tools, so that you focus on executing growth strategy and do not leave anything to a chance.

This course is built and led by the Industry veteran, Andrzej Nedoma, with over 20 years of business experience in translation and localisation industry.

Having delivered hundreds of consultancy hours to industry executives, Andrzej realised that with a little help in organising Account Management and New Sales processes, translation and localisation companies could grow much faster and realise the success they all deserve. That is why Andrzej created this course to equip Account Managers, Project Managers, Sales People and Executive team with the skills and courage to take their companies to the next level.

This is a 4-day event, with 2-hours of meeting each day, so that it leaves each participant with enough time during the day to still deliver on her/his daily tasks.
Andrzej was the co-founder and ex-CEO of XTRF Management Systems, a global translation management platform helping hundreds of translation and localization agencies in over 30 countries to leverage their potential. In 2021 he sold XTRF to K1 Investment Management, the Private Equity fund based in Los Angeles, USA.

Before, he was leading the Central European translation company LIDO-LANG Specialised Translations which was sold in 2016 to SeproTec Multilingual Solutions from Spain.

At this revolutionary experience, you will:

● The first day of this course will focus on the two main pillars of growing a business: revenue growth and client retention.
● You’ll learn how to identify your target market, grow your client base, revenue streams, and work with clients while establishing mutually beneficial relationships.
● We’ll talk about how to grow your revenue streams, manage your margins, and ensure you make money as you grow.

● This day is dedicated to Account management.
● You will learn how to stay close to your clients and become a valuable partner in their business.
● You will learn how to identify upsell opportunities and how to expand cooperation with clients that you already serve.
● You will receive practical tips on having successful meetings with your clients, so that they are interested in talking to you, feel heard and naturally entrust you with more work, while expanding the value you generate together.

● This day is dedicated to generating new business and winning new clients.
● You will learn how to target your potential clients in a way that guarantees your maximum chance of success.
● You will learn how to engage clients in conversation, where you deliver value to your clients and do not feel like a salesperson.
● You will learn how to manage the sales process and negotiation in such a way that you do not sell “on price” but generate huge value for your clients and great margins for your company.

● This day is about alignment.
● You will learn how to align the activity of teams working in marketing, sales, project management and account management to maximise your customers satisfaction and ensure you exploit your growth potential to its full.
● You will also get clear indications on the next steps, so that you complete your training with actionable items that will deliver results for you and for your company.

16-19 January 2023 from 3pm-6pm CET, 9-12 am EST

Designed for Translation and Localization Industry

Grow Your Revenue through Account Management and New Sales!

Make sure you book individual tickets for your: Account Managers, Sales People and Executive Team.

Tickets start at USD 395

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