How to Assess Your Company’s Global Digital Experience

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How to Assess Your Company's Global Digital Experience

How to Assess Your Company’s Global Digital Experience


Creating meaningful global experiences will enhance customer engagement and increase revenue

As retailers invest in digital transformation and omnichannel strategies, they find themselves creating multiple content streams to appeal to global audiences. This accelerating content stream is accompanied by the need to ensure high standards of quality around site performance, brand  consistency and language. Conducting a Global Digital Experience Assessment can help you discover any pitfalls in your digital transformation strategy and create a better digital experience for your customers.   

Join this 60-minute webinar as Lionbridge walks you through our own website to review:  

  • Geo-targeting: Ensure that the right page is showing up in the right market. Elimination of internal competition caused by having dedicated content for each market. Review of architecture, hreflang tags, language selection tools and localization
  • Site performance: Ensure your site is structurally optimal by checking page speed and load times, making sure your site is secure and using structured data to improve your pages’ appearance in search results.  
  • Language: Checking that your website’s content is readable and not too linguistically complex can help you decide whether to translate, localize or transcreate that content to reach new markets.
  • Localization Return on Investment (ROI): Carefully choosing the most appropriate markets to localize your content and deciding how many resources to devote to that process can help you strategically grow your global presence while optimizing your local spend.   

Event attendees will be eligible to enter the Lionbridge event raffle. One winner will be selected to have a LIVE Global Digital Experience assessment done for your company during our next session. Are you up for the challenge?  


Brendan Walsh, Lionbridge
Kajetan Malinowski, Lionbridge
Jaime Punishill, Lionbridge
Arle Lommel, CSA Research


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