Immediate Industry Impacts from Gen AI in BWX

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Immediate Industry Impacts from Gen AI in BWX


A paradigm shift in AI-driven technologies has created new opportunities for significant translation productivity gains that are available now.

Savings of 30-40% over current machine translation (MT) are possible to support new market entry and revenue growth, greater automation and operational efficiency, and a more natural user experience. Age old problems such as translation memory (TM) deprecation and maintenance can now be addressed with an entire set of novel tools.

In this forum, industry leader and translation tooling expert Adam Wooten will join James Lin, Localization Program Manager at Uber, and Karla Ceballos, an experienced linguist will join forces to assess the opportunities and challenges new technologies are creating for enterprises, language service providers and translators.

Bureau Works Founder and CEO Gabriel Fairman will also share exciting new advancements in generative language engines, semantic verification, AI content review, and change classification.

They will be joined in a moderated panel by Marina Gracen-Farrel to discuss:

  • What’s so interesting about these latest advances available in BWX?
  • What type of business applications do they enable and what are their productivity gains?
  • How do they learn on the fly to provide better translation matches in a more natural user experience?
  • What kinds of age old localization problems can be turned on their heads through Gen AI in BWX?
Immediate Industry Impacts from Gen AI in BWX | Free

Immediate Industry Impacts from Gen AI in BWX | Free

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Who and why should attend?

Whether you are a translator, a language service provider, or a private company or government agency with its own localization unit, you can quickly achieve significant productivity gains without fear of implementation repercussions or high costs.

Attendance is recommended to:

  • Enterprise Localization Managers
  • Agency Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Localization Engineers
  • Freelancers

And, anybody who is experiencing challenges with their ability to launch translated content at the speed, quality or scale that their business requires.

Join us for free for this forum to see for yourself how to exponentialize efficiency and savings.

Date: Thursday, 29 June
Time: 12 PM ET / 8 am PT / 5 PM BST / 6 PM CEST and will run for 60 minutes.

There will be a mix of presentations, panel discussion and audience Q&A.

Email Andrew Smart, or Deppy Nikolaidou if you have any questions.

Forum Partner

Bureau Works is a next-gen cloud-based translation management system that transforms complex translation and localization management into simple and predictable activities. Our platform delivers unprecedented levels of flexibility in engagement models and use-case breadth to make you able to manage translations your way fully integrated with Gen AI.

The Speakers

Gabriel Fairman Bureau Works

Gabriel Fairman, Founder and CEO, Bureau Works

Gabriel Fairman is a thought leader and entrepreneur specializing in localization and business process automation. He has navigated Bureau Works from a Boutique Translation Agency to a Global Localization Platform/Translation Management System. A speaker of six languages, Gabriel grew up speaking American English, Brazilian Portuguese, and Argentinian Spanish. He then picked up a bit of French, Italian, and Mandarin. Gabriel writes about the first-hand experience of a business leader, entrepreneur, father, and human being. He loves to play the guitar, cook, play tennis, and be in nature in any way or shape.


Marina Gracen-Farrell

Marina Gracen-Farrel, Localization Consultant, Trainer and Community Builder, The Localization Advocate

Marina is a localization consultant, content creator and trainer who actively contributes to the community with several initiatives through The Localization Advocate, and recent creation of a training platform, the Localization Advocate Academy. She is well-versed in localization and L&D, having spent nearly 15 years at Pearson Education as a course development manager, localization manager and consultant. Marina’s localization past on the LSP side included roles as localization DTP manager. Marina is also LocLunch™ San Diego ambassador and community ambassador to Bureau Works as a webinar host, and honored to have been included in last year’s 52 Women Driving the Localization Industry by Multilingual Media.


Adam Wooten

Adam Wooten, Associate Professor, Translation & Localization Management, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Adam Wooten is an experienced localization industry executive and Associate Professor teaching in the Translation & Localization Management programs at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. He has headed up translation operations for various companies in California and Utah, including AccuLing, which he co-founded in 2013. Adam also enjoys finding entertaining ways to teaching translation tech in articles for MultiLingual magazine, in frequent conference presentations, and in training/consulting workshops for organizations that want to “level up” in translation technology.

James Lin Uber

James Lin, Manager II, Technical Localization Program Manager, Uber

With over two decades of expertise in internationalization and localization, James excels at spearheading international development and managing technical localization operations at Uber. His specialization lies in building and transforming cross-functional teams and developing products for global markets. Being a knowledgeable expert in globalization, CMS integration, machine translation, end-to-end custom workflows, localization transformation, and vendor management, James currently leads as Head of Localization Operations at Uber, optimizing translation pipelines via vendor and MT-agnostic models.

Karla Ceballos linguist

Karla Ceballos, BA in Modern Languages, Marketing, Medical and iGaming Translator, Copywriter

Karla Ceballos is a seasoned iGaming copywriter and translator with a knack for crafting impactful narratives in both English and Spanish. Her experience includes translating for health and tech industries, developing content strategies, and optimizing web content for SEO. As a Junior Project Manager, Karla has showcased her prowess in leading intricate tasks to successful completion. Volunteering her skills to Translators without Borders, she also contributes to critical medical and humanitarian efforts. Karla holds a degree in Modern Languages with a business focus and various certifications including digital marketing and social networks.

Immediate Industry Impacts from Gen AI in BWX | Free

Immediate Industry Impacts from Gen AI in BWX | Free

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