Innovation in Translation Summit

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Innovation in Translation Summit

Innovation in Translation Summit


The world of translation has changed. Have you?

It’s time to rethink our approaches. Together.

Join 20+ experts and thousands of colleagues at our FREE online summit to…

  • Develop productive habits for your translation business
  • Stay on top of trends and grow your toolkit to work faster and more efficiently
  • Explore ways to diversify, specialize, increase your rates and reposition yourself for a premium market
  • Learn to leverage speech recognition, MT and other technology to boost translation quality, productivity and revenue

The Innovation in Translation Summit will help you develop productive habits, learn useful skills, rethink approaches, and embrace inspiration.

Maybe you’re…

  • struggling to adapt to new translation trends
  • seeking inspiration to boost your productivity
  • looking for a network of colleagues to learn from
  • ready to diversify your services, boost your rates, and learn new skills to stay competitive in these rapidly changing times

If that sounds like you, it’s time to step into the future with the Innovation in Translation Summit!


Day 1 – How to develop productive habits for your translation business
More productive online searches – Elizabeth Adams
Speech-enabled MT post-editing – Dragoș Ciobanu
Five shortcuts to turbocharge your translation skillset – Josh Goldsmith
Inclusive language in translation – Isa Otterbein
When freelancer means caregiver – Carol Shaw
How to develop the skills to dictate your translations – Dr. Julián Zapata

Day 2 – Rethinking approaches to money and success
Overcoming barriers in the language industry in Africa  – Ady Coulibaly
The Quarterly Review: Three tools to boost your translation or interpreting business – Fernando Cuñado
Money matters: How much do you actually need to earn as a freelance translator? – Corinne McKay
Adjusting your mindset for balanced productivity – Dorothee Racette
Penetrating the premium translation market – Michael Schubert
Software for success – Jost Zetzsche

Day 3 – Growing as a translator
How AI will shake up the future of translation – Aljoscha Burchardt and Arle Lommel
Stress-free solo language learning strategies for pros – Kerstin Cable
Professional development done right – William Cassemiro
The ideal translation hardware: Need-to-haves and nice-to-haves – Nora Díaz
How peer feedback translation groups can help boost translation skills – Jason Knapp
Subtitling for the entertainment industry – Rafa Lombardino
(Super)specialization in translation – Pablo Mugüerza


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