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Localization for the Tech Industry Training

Localization for the Tech Industry


Localization for the Tech Industry, The language of user experience: A Course for LSPs

The secret to happy clients – especially in tech – is to speak their language. If you want to speak the fast-paced language of the tech industry, have your expertise and experience shine through, and offer immense value to your app and software clients, this training course is your ideal path.

This 3-session, intensive online interactive training course will give you an in-depth look into the thought processes and workflows of app and software teams, so that you can:

1) Understand what your tech clients need
2) Help your clients achieve the best results
3) End every project with a 5-star rating

Join the course to learn all about the organizational structures, frameworks, and terminologies used by those teams as they design user experiences. Learn how to communicate with product teams and maximize the ROI you can provide to your clients as localization facilitators in the app and software market.

About the tech industry

According to the recently launched Slator 2023 Language Industry Market Report, in terms of localization market size, Technology is one of the three largest verticals with a share of 14.73% ($4.11 billion of buyer spend). The global open API market size was worth $2.39 billion in 2021 expected to reach $ 13.21 billion by 2030, and the global software market size was valued at $583.47 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% from 2023 to 2030. Localization will play a big role in this growth, so you better be well prepared!

Localization for the Tech Industry | $950

Localization for the Tech Industry | $950

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What will you get?

The Localization for the Tech Industry course was specially designed for LSPs, to help localization professionals bridge the gap between them and their app and software clients. This course will introduce you to core concepts and terms in User Experience (UX) and give you a glimpse into the organizational structures and way of working in digital product teams.

As one of the fastest-growing industries today, UX and product teams have a pressing need for reliable, like-minded localization partners. This course will help you position yourself as such by teaching you:

  • How product & UX teams are built, and what different stakeholders are involved
  • Where does localization come into play and how it’s treated within those teams
  • How teams build and design products, and what factors impact their day-to-day work
  • How you can communicate with your UX, app, and software clients in a way that’s mutually beneficial
  • What you can do to best serve your app and software clients and prove your worth as a reliable partner.

Those who complete the course will be able to:

  • Fully understand the UX content design process to better empathize with client and linguist issues
  • Speak the language of UX and talk to product teams at eye level, as equal partners with mutual interests
  • Act as a helpful bridge between localizers and product teams, ensuring that good questions and valuable feedback make their way back and forth
  • Support your clients and help facilitate product localization processes for improved UX in multiple languages
  • Position your company as a valuable, trustworthy partner in their localization efforts, and project knowledge and expertise

Teaching and Learning Methods

The program is delivered in three interactive sessions. Throughout each session, you will learn in-depth theoretical knowledge and bring it into practice through small-group exercises.

At the end of the third session, you will get a final assignment: Choosing a critical user experience issue and developing a client support strategy that will help you and your clients deliver better multilingual user experience.

You will then have a chance to schedule a one-on-one follow-up session, where you can get feedback on your plan and additional advice on leveraging your UX knowledge to better support your business and client relations.

Session 1. UX and the team: What is UX, Why invest in UX copy, Key terminology, Who’s on the product team, Product localization models, Ways to enhance collaboration
Session 2. Information and context: What linguists need to know to localize UX, Creating a bridge of information, Understanding the users, All about voice and tone, Inspecting the product’s goals, Considering the flow & layout
Session 3. Patterns, problems, and ethics: General issues product teams face, Collaboration challenges, Potential solutions and approaches, Ethical considerations, Takeaways, Final project instructions
Session 4. Feedback on your solution – One-to-one coaching session to look over the unique solution you suggested, and get pointed advice and feedback on any other questions (processes, workflows, marketing, etc.)

What will you take away?

  • A deeper knowledge of how product teams ideate, design and create their digital products
  • A detailed understanding of the challenges teams face as they localize user experiences
  • Confidence to discuss UX localization questions, issues, and ideas on client calls and emails
  • An initial solution to help make your services uniquely valuable to product teams
  • A UX-oriented client onboarding sheet and brief template

Led by Michal Kessel Shitrit, UX Writer and Localizer of 15 years, Localization Consultant and Mentor, and highly passionate about bringing together UX and localization teams to deliver fantastic user experiences to international audiences.

This training course is ideal for:

  • LSPs already working with app/software product localization
  • LSPs looking to add app/software product localization to their offering

Relevant roles:

  • Small and medium LSP Owners, Managing Directors and General Managers
  • Clients Relations Managers
  • Larger LSP Program Managers
  • Project Managers and coordinators
Localization for the Tech Industry | $950

Localization for the Tech Industry | $950

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Course schedule

3 interactive online learning Sessions and accompanying assignment, to be assessed 2-4 weeks after during a one-to-one coaching Session.

Session 1: Thursday, November 2, 4-6pm CET | 11am ET
Session 2: Thursday, November 9, 4-6pm CET | 11am ET
Session 3: Thursday, November 16, 4-6pm CET | 11 am ET
Session 4: One-to-one meetings as of Thursday, December 7

Time required for completion of the final project: approximately 6 hours.

Successful graduates will receive a certificate of achievement.

The Trainer

Michal Kessel Shitrit

Michal Kessel Shitrit, Owner & CEO, Localization Station, UX Writer, Localization Consultant and Mentor

With over 15 years in the localization and UX industry, Michal Kessel Shitrit has helped bring UX knowledge to numerous localizers – and vice versa. Her UX Writing course for localizers helped dozens of students gain a better understanding of UX knowledge and practices, and was described as “a game changer for localizers and the industry”.

Michal’s strong passion for transforming multilingual experiences led her to focus on the UX – Localization relationship. After gaining her BA and MBA in media and communication studies, she proceeded to build her localization and UX writing business. On top of her day-to-day client work, Michal consults companies on optimizing localization processes for UX, studies the relationship between UX and Localization, and manages [Localization Station](https://www.localizationstation.com).

Ticket Price

General admission: $ 950 including a copy of the client onboarding sheet and the brief template (to be sent by email after the completion of the third lesson)

Slator Pro and Enterprise Subscribers: 15% discount (please contact Deppy Nikolaidou for your Promo Code).

Discounts are available for a Group Ticket of 2 or more from the same company.

This 4-session, intensive online interactive training course is limited to 20 seats, so, if you are interested, we invite you to register as soon as possible. Contact Deppy Nikolaidou in case of questions.

Localization for the Tech Industry | $950

Localization for the Tech Industry | $950

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A taste of the feedback from Michal’s past students:

“I’m thrilled that a course on this topic now exists, and Michal managed it beyond my expectations. It was very professional, well-organized, and inspiring.” – Mette Thomsen, Loc Team Lead at GetYourGuide

“The fact that Michal shared what she has learned over the years and let us practice the same was of great value for me. I now have a new “UX lens” or “UX optic” that makes me think of the intent behind the copy – and that I will definitely apply in the future.” – Anna Sokolovskaya, Translator & interpreter

“I started the course thinking it would be useful for me for the kind of work that I already did, but it actually opened my eyes to see that there is a whole industry that is still unexplored for me. Localization of digital products seems like a promising market and I now feel much more empowered to try to knock on some doors to make my way in. It was beautifully structured, in-depth information for a short period of time. Great learning experience.” – Adriana Krainski, Translator at Corporate Communication

“I rarely feel like being “the target audience” – when the content of the lecture is 100% relevant and can be fully applied to my field of work. But “UX writing for localization experts” answers many problematic questions I face in my daily work. My learning experience was smooth and flawless, and I will definitely return to the notes made during the training.” – Yana Shcharbina, Loc Team Lead at Multilogin

“Everything was very clear, so you were never overwhelmed with all the info and learnings. I also couldn’t imagine a better host than Michal: she led us through the sessions with a clear concept, and hardly ever went too slow or too fast, so it was always engaging and easy to follow. I also loved that she never failed to give us real-life examples of crucial points.” – Florian Jentsch, Language Specialist at GetYourGuide

“I did not have a single moment where I felt I would rather be elsewhere. The topics discussed were all interesting, giving me a deeper understanding of the mindset of a localizer and the considerations that need to be made for a localization process to create the best results. It gives me an extra push to work harder at creating the right conditions to set up my localization team for success. I know more of the struggle so I can try to mitigate at least some of that. And I will be recommending your course to all the freelancers I work with!” – Ilinca Mustatea, Localization manager @ FREE NOW

“It was very well structured, covered a lot of ground and also just had loads of real-world insights. Even though I’m a seasoned localiser myself, I learnt a lot of new things. Michal is a very engaging trainer and her passion for UX writing and UX localisation shines through. I feel I now have the confidence to say to product teams, design teams, and UX writing teams: “Localisation is UX, just in another language!” and foster better communication and knowledge sharing.” – Anna Ward, Head of Localization at Unite

“I really enjoyed it! I will definitely put more thought into the reasoning as to why UX copy should be translated one way or another. And as a localization PM, I can also provide better context and instructions to the translators now.” – Mar Castellanos, Localisation Ops at Pleo


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