Leading High Performing Teams in Over the Phone Interpretation

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Leading High Performing Teams in OPI

Leading High Performing Teams in Over the Phone Interpretation


Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) and consecutive interpreting are heavily used in numerous settings, from legal and healthcare to community and public service, as detailed in Slator’s Interpreting Services and Technology Report.

Professional interpreters therefore often work across a broad range of fields and subject matters and need to be able to prepare for almost any topic, with developing, maintaining, and enhancing general knowledge, interpreting skills, and competencies to be a career-long process. They may also work in large contact centers or be fully remote but contactable by phone.

While contact centers handle myriad of communications every day, and technology adoption supporting OPI has happened very fast, people are still in the heart of high quality service provision.

For this reason, a guide on the ways to build and lead a team of over-the-phone interpreters capable of managing the pressure of delivering their services effectively would be extremely helpful. Leading High Performing Contact Centers and Teams by Shuping England, is that guide.

Here is what Shuping’s readers have told:

“Shuping puts all her wisdom and expertise into her book. Leading High Performing Contact Centers and Teams is a great resource for contact center leaders helping in building a winning team…”
“I appreciate how the author says that leadership styles are not one size fits all. You have to learn how to adapt and adjust your leadership skills and approaches based on the situation and the audience. This book is a great read. There is so much in it to learn about being a leader that consistently obtains top results.”
“This book is the most important book for people who aspire to become managers. The content covers solutions to practical problems faced by leaders in management, ensuring that the management team of the enterprise is sufficiently developed and motivated to satisfy all KPIs and performance indicators while satisfying customers. This book is the essence of enterprise change and performance management. If you choose to only read one book, read this book and you’ll understand all about management.”


“Everybody has a story. And there’s something to be learned from every experience.” — Oprah Winfrey

In the Leading High Performing Teams in Over the Phone Interpretation workshop, Shuping together with contact center management veterans will go beyond her storytelling on how she became a director, and reveal the key success factors of not only effective but also high performing contact center teams to apply to your OPI business and teams.

Leading High Performing Teams in Over the Phone Interpretation | $45

Leading High Performing Teams in Over the Phone Interpretation | $45

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What Shuping will talk about:

  • From an interpreter to a director – The ups and downs of a growth journey
  • The relationship building – The solely task-oriented mistake, why some teams fail to thrive in the long term, connecting different cultures and background for success
  • Lessons learned – teams strong foundation, fostering trust, the role of feelings connected to purpose and belonging, emotional governance as an interpersonal and intrapersonal skill
  • Maximizing the leadership potential – the 5 ingredients to build and lead high performing teams

The content of this workshop will enable you:

  • Understand the key ingredients and processes of high performing teams building and leading
  • Reflect and evaluate your past and current strategic leadership practices
  • Reform, transform or develop your leadership strategy
  • Have the confidence to communicate and courage to lead

Teaching Agenda and Learning Methods

20-minutes presentation and short time reflection assignments of the past, present and future of participant leadership strategy and tactics
20-minutes panel discussion on how the language industry has been contributing to other industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, contact center, etc.
20-minutes Q&A session for participants to engage with the speaker and panelists

Who should attend

  • Over-the-phone interpretation Team Leaders, Supervisors, Business Unit Managers/Directors
  • Language Operations Managers/Directors
  • Language Project Managers
  • Client Success Supervisors/Managers/Directors

The Trainer and Panelists

Shuping England Acorbi

Shuping England, Director of SBU – BPO /OPI, Author, Certified Leadership Coach & Trainer
Shuping is a senior contact center operations executive with over 10 years of experience in leading Language industry large-scale contact centers as well as contact center BPO management. Shuping drives robust revenue growth through a strong leadership presence, staff empowerment, and client-focused strategies. She is also a Certified Leadership coach, trainer, and mentor through Maxwell Leadership. She is the author of the book Leading High Performing Contact Centers and Teams. Shuping holds two bachelor’s degrees (Bachelor of Organizational Leadership — Project Management and Bachelor of English Education).


Steven Cramer Newbridge Business Solutions

Steven Cramer, VP Operations at Newbridge Business Solutions
Steven has been a Contact Center industry leader for over 25 years, leading both domestic and international sites, increasing productivity and quality through streamlined processes, procedures, and technology. His ability to successfully lead and manage a customer-centric organization reflects his comprehensive understanding of the industry including Workforce Management, Billing Services, Client Retention, Account Management, IT Support Services and Global Site Management. Steven advocates for the advanced development of the Contact Center industry through effective training and education.

Leading High Performing Teams in Over the Phone Interpretation | $45

Leading High Performing Teams in Over the Phone Interpretation | $45

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The Agenda

5:00-5:20 PM CEST / 11:00 AM ET / 8:00 AM PT    Presentation, Shuping England
5:20-5:45 PM CEST / 11:20 AM ET / 8:20 AM PT    Panel Discussion with Shuping England and Steven Cramer, moderated by Andrew Smart, Co-Founder & Commercial Direct at Slator
5:45-6:00 PM CEST / 11:45 AM ET / 8:45 AM PT    Q&A with the panelists and the audience
6:00 PM CEST / 12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT                End of event


Join us for the Leading High Performing Teams in Over the Phone Interpretation workshop on Thursday, September 7th to get the key tools and processes of building and leading high performing contact center teams to apply to your OPI business.

A copy (pdf file) of the Leading High Performing Contact Centers and Teams book by Shuping England will be sent to registered delegates after the workshop.

Contact Deppy Nikolaidou in case of questions.


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