Networking Days 2024

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Elia ND 2024

Networking Days 2024

  Leonardo Royal Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz

Welcome to Networking Days (ND), the flagship event that marked the inception of ELIA back in 2007. Designed to bring together our esteemed members and industry stakeholders, ND24 maintains its position as a market-leading event and a catalyst for learning, knowledge-sharing, and networking. In our continuous pursuit to enhance the event experience, we introduced an exciting transformation two years ago, adopting a fresh “un-conference style” approach that fosters even greater exchange and interaction.

The revamped structure of ND offers a dynamic blend of Keynote presentation, engaging discussion groups, and a vibrant community, all geared towards facilitating the sharing of valuable information and experiences amongst industry experts. It’s not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about building lasting connections that can significantly benefit YOU!


ND24 will include 4 roundtable sessions where you choose the group you want to sit with, but all groups discuss the same topic for the duration of the session. However, as each topic consists of various sub-topics, the groups may take very different paths in their discussions. 

The topics are:

1. AI – A tale of fear and chance

How to move from AI hype to AI hands-on

2. You have the talent, what else could you do with it?

How to pivot your business model

3. The bait must please the fish and not the fisherman

How to use the modern sales and marketing techniques and methodologies

4. Co-create – the new M&A?

How to benefit from co-creation and collaboration? Does it always have to be M&A?


If you’re involved in running a language service company of any size or you are in the upper management with a degree of decision making freedom, ND is organised with you in mind:

  • Language service company owners and founders
  • Senior Executives including CEOs, Managing Directors and General Managers
  • Production staff including Operations Managers, Senior Project Managers & QA specialists
  • Sales & Marketing Directors and Managers
  • HR Managers, Vendor and Talent Managers
  • Language industry consultants

Early Bird Registration is now OPEN! Learn more about the event and secure your spot here


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